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Published on Sep 12, 2012

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Comments • 34,920

Vlada Kuragin
i don't really get the people who are hating on max. he's cool, so is julien. just because it didn't work out between max and jenna doen't mean he's a bad guy, she sure doen't think so and neither should you.
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Jenny  Desmarais
Vlada Kuragin i don't say that he did ANYTHING wrong...but I fucking hate him, not for any reason tho so yall can hate on me if you please idc...But I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that jenna and Julien are 10,000,000x better than max and Jenna
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Kisa Sou
I love how she has no regrets and didn't remove this video.
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Sewing Report
Echo that! He was part of her life for a long time and respect someone who can remain on good terms with exes.
Jena Rupert
I love that both boyfriends were comfortable enough to let her beautify their faces
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Melody Weckel
Damn you guys are assholes to Max. I saw the videos with him when they first came out and before him but, I've also seen the ones with Julien. I'm pretty sure Jenna isn't dickin around comparing them so, why are you guys? Sure he does cute stuff, Max did cute stuff too just different cute stuff. Really, it's no one else's business. Maybe focus on how the video is funny in general.
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Adia Salem
taya eames THANK YOU for being honest. When I was in a toxic relationship of my own, I remember watching some of her videos that included him, and feeling such a strange connection to what was going on, when the cameras weren't recording... I didn't realize at the time that it was because it was messed up. Looking back and watching this, reminded me of the constant tension, and underlying caution, that ruled ALL of our interactions after the first couple years... We'd both be so constantly on edge, that a genuine moment of joy with eachother maybe once a month (if that, even) was so relieving and intensely wonderful, that it would be enough to drag out the almost immediate following tension, until it happened again... I just figured that every relationship had that dark, sad, lining, ya know? And that if I just kept powering through even the worst times, there'd be some deeper sense of connection, that made it all worth the price somehow... It took me SO long, to realize I was leaving behind peices of myself (even the peices I actually loved), everytime I consciously chose to stick it out. Even longer still, did it take to realize I was never going to find that magical happy ending with him... 5 years of depression, binge drinking, feeling worthless, and sick to my core... Only to realize it was never going to be worth it. I'm so much more happy away from him, than I ever could have been with him. I'm finally putting back the peices of myself (though without the validation of a good relationship to soften the rough patches, it's taking a bit more time than I'd like, tbh)... I still don't hate my ex though. I highly doubt I ever really will. We had enough in common that we could love each other for so long I suppose, and I understand him better than most people he will ever know. Even if you aren't able to hate someone though... it doesn't mean you don't bring out the worst in eachother. That was the hardest thing to learn. It can be just so hard to accept that you can care about someone so much, and still just not be compatible. I still hope he will find someone who can bring out the best in him. THAT is a truly magical feeling, and I don't think he deserves any less than it. I'm just glad I realized that would never be me, before I lost more of myself than I could afford to lose. I have no idea if any of this is mutual. But I hope he's found his peace with the end of our relationship, as I have. TLDR: My ex was a LOT like Max, and I am enough like Jenna that I drew comparisons, even before I realized how bad their relationship was, and how bad my own was. It's easy to say it was obvious in hindsight, because you've already learned the lesson, you wish you'd known from the beginning. It's easy to forget that there was a reason they started dating in the first place.
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Steampunk Ninja Porpoise
Julien seems nicer and more interactive, max seems like an awkward friend of a friend you have to talk to
+Mosaic apps And thats a bad thing? Max is cute too
Mosaic apps
Julian is very nice and max is kind of weird like always blushes everywhere he goes
I don't care what anyone says...Julian is totally more compatible with Jenna and way more funnierererer =) He's her lobster =)
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Paris A.
Jennifer Jelli Sushi Hunter umm it's a friends reference. Friends is a tv show.
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He's a prettier girl than me sigh
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+XxCharlotteGuineaxX sausage girl gif
Jillian Myers
Same here!
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Julien and Jenna are so good together. The only proof you need is to watch her do Julien's make up, and the chemistry there is so much better....
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Emma Johnson
+serena milla jennas ratchet salon with julien solomita
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mariah dominguez
Everyone's saying Max looks like he's not interested and only used Jenna for popularity but they were together before Jenna started YouTube. As far as their breakup, watch Max's Draw My Life video. They were both too busy to really be able to support each other anymore, so they broke up. I personally don't agree that Julien is better than Max. That's not fair to say because they're 2 different people. I miss Max and I think they really did love each other, it just didn't work out in the end and that's okay. They have no hard feelings towards each other, so why should we?
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mariah dominguez I
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Ralph the bunn
After that make up tutorial with julian I watch this oh.. The feels..
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A Boring Cupcake
+Amber Fuehrer He actually explained in his Draw My Life-video that he did NOT cheat on her, but something like she didn't feel like he was there for her or something. They were still friends afterwards, and those "cheat"-whatever tweets she wrote were several MONTHS after the break-up, so I don't think that was about him.
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Aileen Pichardo
Like if your watching in 2015
Aileen Pichardo 2020
Alex North
Aileen Pichardo 2017
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