A new town again [36]





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Published on Aug 22, 2010

[After school, with Alice, Bella and Rosalie]

Alice - You know Jamie is looking fine these days
Rosalie - Jamie, You mean Jamie Stuart?
Alice --Yeah, since he joined the basketball team, what do you think Bella?

Bella - *Thinking about her conversation with Edward. "Does he really care? I mean it was a weekend he didn't have to speak to be...hell why does he even speak to me?"*

Alice& Rosalie -- Bella! Bella!
Bella -- Huh?
Alice -- we were wondering what you thought if Jamie Stuart?
Bella -- He's cool I guess
Rosalie -- Did you guys hear that Jane fancies Edward, and is convinced that he fancies her back, and was going to ask him out?

Bella - *facial expression- Looks angry for a minute then calms down, not letting herself or anyone realise her true feelings *

Alice -- Really?! When did you hear this? It will be good for him to get a girl from what jazz said.
Rosalie -- yeah, he has the girls interested but he isn't interested in them...we have always wondered if he was more in to guys...
Alice -- Really? Has he had girlfriend before?
Rosalie -- yeah once, he thought there might have been something more but apparently she didn't.

[At this point Bella walks out the room with a sour expression]

Alice -- poor guy [whispers] She is not letting herself realise she likes him, she's probably wondering why the hell he is speaking to her, if I know my sister right. She doesn't see herself clearly.
Rosalie -- Damn we might have to go back to Em's first plan!

[With The boys]

Emmett -- Hell yeah! I win you lose Jazzy boy!
Jasper -- Shut up, it's only Rock band!
Emmett- Yeah but you're the one with the 'musical' talent aren't you not?
Jasper- HEY! Edward can play the piano as well!

Emmett- Jeez Eddie what is wrong with you?!
Edward- *mutters* nothing
Jasper -- Edward man, seriously what is wrong?
Edward -- I said nothing.
Emmett *Rolls his eyes* did you hear Newton has taken an interest with our Bella?
Jasper -- Really?
Emmett- Yeah, you should hear him brag about how they were friends before he had to move and he was pretty sure she fancied him
Jasper- How did you find that out?
Emmett- Well Newton isn't exactly quiet when he's changing after practise
Jasper- Ah. Do you think Bella and Newton would ever go out?
Emmett- I don't know, you'll have to ask Alice or rose they know female minds work
Jasper -- Bella AND Newton I can't see it, but it that's what she wants then....

Edward -- SHE DOES NOT LIKE HIM! [Storms out the room]
Emmett- [shouts after Edward] you sure bro!?
Jasper- Em, that's enough. He must be partly aware of his feelings if not then dear lord we will basically have to force them to tell each other.
Emmett- yeah, let's go and see Rose and Alice.


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