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Published on Feb 9, 2012

Welcome aboard to Shifter's Paradise.

In a nutshell, hidden from the prying eyes of humans, a paradise was built to house shifters. It operates exactly like a city today would - though perhaps a little dated in time. Ruled over by the two rulers (Dymas and Kida's mom), it exists as a shelter for shifters of every sort.

There are many possible positions your character can have and many potential animals to shift into. Is yours a member of the court, perhaps the right hand, perhaps a merchant, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy (ahaha I'm so clever). Be creative and have fun.

The deadline will March 30th. Until then, read the info, ask, make videos, yes. Audition and all that fun stuff, perhaps.

-Your audition video must be a minimum of twenty-five seconds. In it, please explain and show off your character. Instead of focusing too heavily on editing, I'd rather like to hear more about your character so I know if they fit in.
-For your character's human form, go ahead and stick with Non/Disney characters. However, for their animal form, you're free to go and use other animated media such as Studio Ghibli or even anime as I know that Non/Disney has a disproportionate amount of animals to humans.
-This is an audition. It isn't first come, first serve. Which means that two or more people can try out for the same human form and one will be in and the other(s) won't.
-No godmodding, please, though that's obvious.
-Please, please, please read the extra information in the links at the end of this. If your character lines up with what's written there, your chances will be that much better at being accepted.
-You may audition with more than one character, however, only one character will be accepted for now if you do. For instance, if you audition with Holli and Cinderella, only one can be accepted in the end. Later, after auditions have ended, perhaps I'll think about allowing more than one character.
-This will be both Tumblr and video based. As in, the roleplay can be both over Tumblr and videos.
-Be courteous to others
-Have fun

-As far as animal forms, I'd encourage you to be creative with who you choose. There's seriously tons to pick from. Go for it.
-Again, read what I have written down.
-Sony Vegas is not required but it is appreciated.
-If you have any questions, ask in the comments, send me a PM, or even find me on Tumblr
-This will be both video-based as well as Tumblr-based though you are not required to have Tumblrs for your characters.

Notes on multiple characters:
-Sometimes, we all have ideas for multiple characters.
-You may audition as more than one character.
-However, if your audition gets you in (based on story-telling as well as editing), only one character may be accepted until it is opened up for more than one character.

Links with useful information:

Taken characters:
Kida's mother (NPC - The First Ruler - Unicorn)
Dymas (NPC - The Second Ruler - Dragon)
Korso (Angeledeyes - Steele half-wolf)

Auditioning characters:
Dimitri (Tod from Fox and the Hound - Fox - Dragonofthepen)
Pocahontas (Rain from Spirit - Horse - Puppyeyes92)
Tulio (Balto - wolf - Frangipanii)
Kocooum (Spirit - horse - Ayameazureha786)
Jasmine (Kiara - lion - angelofmusic1992)
Kida (Aleu - Wolf - AislingFairy89)
Lilo (Koda - bear - Bellafie - SailorChessie)
Odette (Nala - lion - court/Avalon - SailorChessie)
Belle (Nita - bear - Bellafie - SailorChessie)
Baker (Gus - mouse - Ckendon - goodtoby07)
Olga (Swan - xXSilverCrownXx)
Aurora (Luna - cat - Ckendon -iamcannibalx33)
Fern (Boon Boon - horse - Avalon - SomberShadowStalker)
Anya (Vitani - lion - itachismaniac)
Proteus (Scar - lion - Thisissoap)
Esme (Sabor - leopard - Rogue shifter - Tokissmytears)
Meg (Nala - lion - Avalon - Tokissmytears)
Amalthea (The Great Eagle - Tokissmytears)
Flynn Rider (Shere Khan - Tiger - CrystalStarlight95)
Kayley (Tanya - mouse - angelofmusic1992)
Milo (Mr. Limpet's fish form - fish - angelofmusic1992)
Dean McCoppin (Tramp - dog - Ckendon - Pumpkinlore)
Miguel (Momo - lemur - RaPAlexx)
Tarzan (Kenai - bear - AreYouNormalBass)
Ariel (Jenna - wolf - Avalon - Bleedgirl87)
Pocahontas (Abu - monkey - RavenxxRosexx)
Helga Sinclair (Zira - lion - Sodabats)
Cody (cub!Simba - lion - OmegaWolfVideos)
Aladdin (Toothless - dragon - Gamergirlofgotham)
Audrey (Djali - goat - Ashintuku)
Kida (Edited!Sabor - leopard - xxWhiteRussianxx)
Odette (Kiba - wolf - outside cities or Avalon - MorteSorciere)
Phoebus (Kovu - lion - harrypotterfangurl07)
Naveen (Altivo - horse - xYuriBunny)
Thumbelina (Amalthea - unicorn - Ckendon - xBluLady)
Nita (Vixey Fox - fox - Bellavie - musicwarriorg)
Tzipporah (Kiba - wolf - RoxStar09)
Parcival McLeach (Darcia - wolf - eiwaMovies)
Chel (PandoraSoul)


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