Elijah Muhammad confronts infidelity charges





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Uploaded on Mar 20, 2010

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad addressing the laborers in a meeting that took place around September or October of 1964.

In this meeting The Messenger mentions that Brother Ben and his wife can bare witness to his moral character and that he would never fall for the many women that would come onto him during his younger days. The Messenger based off his own words could have had plenty of women when he was a young man full of energy. In other words why would he wait until he is old to have this all of a sudden urge to mess around with other women young enough to be his daughter or granddaughter? The Messenger in this meeting wanted to stress to the laborers to defend him when he is attacked by claims like this.

The attacks The Messenger is referring to involved the false charges by Malcolm and the 7 secretaries claiming he fathered their children. This is what he meant by mud-slinging and scandalizing.

Malcolms goal with the help of Wallace behind the scenes was to disgrace The Messenger and take over the leadership and all its assets.

The Messenger in the September 11th 1964 edition of the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper informed us that two of the women involved in this scheme (Evelyn and Lucille) use to date Malcolm before he joined the NOI. Evelyn and Lucille joined the NOI because of their affection for Malcolm. It was Wallace and Malcolm who put these women (all seven of them) up to harassing The Messenger (especially OLA) by trying to extort money out of him and threatening to take him to court. It was Ola, Evelyn and Lucille who were the most aggressive in attempting this plot.

The first child born out these seven women was Saudi Muhammad in January of 1960. The Last child born out of the seven women was Neemah Cushmeer Muhammad in 1965.

Keep in mind that from 1960 to 1975 The Honorable Elijah Muhammad maintained that he had one wife, six sons and two daughters. If we are to accept the view that they were divinely appointed by God. This would mean Elijah Muhammad lied to every interviewer who would asked him about his private life between that time.

If someone has 8 wives and 21 children but claims in an interview and to the public that he only had one wife, six sons and two daughters. The following is called lying to the 10th degree.

We are taught in Islam that Messengers and prophets cannot be accused of lying. Elijah Muhammad could not be qualified to be a Messenger if he lied as a Messenger. The following has never happened in the history of prophets and messengers.

What is even more strange about this claim of these women fulfilling some divine prophecy is that out of all the women on the planet, God would chose two women who dated an enemy of Elijah Muhammad (Malcolm Little) . Two out of the seven women involved were not even pure and had a history with Malcolm before they ever claimed to have been with Elijah Muhammad. Something is wrong with this picture.

In continuing to dissect this strange claim even further. Bernique Cushmeer (the so-called 7th wife) had a child with Benard Cushmer after she claimed to have had a child with Elijah Muhammad. Now why would a divinely appointed woman desire another man outside of the apostle of God? What is even stranger is that Benard Cushmer claimed he did not know that she was the concubine of Elijah Muhammad when he had relations with her. Why didnt God take the thought of desiring this so-called divinely appointed woman away from any man who came in contact with her?

Why would God put Ola (the so-called third wife) in a position wherein she would have to call the police to try and force Elijah Muhammad to acknowledge her and her child? Why would Elijah Muhammad put his so-called divine wife out on the street?

If we are to believe Elijah Muhammad married these women, when did it happen? Was there an underground behind the scenes secrete ceremony nobody else knew about?

There are 2 choices a believer in the NOI can take or accept about this topic.

1. Accept what Elijah Muhammad says about himself on face value and leave it at that. or

2. Accept an alternative view that would make him out to be an outright liar.


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