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Published on May 17, 2009

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WOOOOO! Day 8 of my Liquid Diet and I lost almost another 1/2 Pound.

Drink Your Water! Not doing so will affect your weight loss. Not drinking water actually makes you retain water and that weight will show up on the scale!

I was running around all day Saturday and I definitely did not drink as much water as I have been all the other days of my liquid diet. I got in maybe 1/2 of the water that I have been drinking. Not good! Water aids in shedding the pounds, so definitely make sure you're getting a lot of it each day of your diet.

Anyway, I almost lost another 1/2 pound, so I am pleased with that... and i learned a good lesson early on.

On this video I am giving a tip on making water more palatable and making sure you get in a lot. You should definitely drink regular pure water everyday, but I am just giving a tip on what I use to make water more drinkable for me. Try it out and let me know if it helps.


Constant Impatient Dieter Tip:
Overweight people need to drink more water than thin people. Remember to drink water all day for fast weight loss! Water is essential. Please drink lots of water and see my water videos for an easy, Type Z way to get in a lot of water each day for easy, fast weight loss.


Your weight loss and weight management does not have to be hard! Please get these books and transform your thinking. Your thinking is primary!

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Impatient Dieter, ImpatientDieter, easywayshow, liquid diet, easy way diet, easy diet, easyway, easy way show

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