Ahmadinejad at Hajj (video footage)





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Published on Dec 18, 2007

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May Allah bless you!
This year Ahmadinejad went on a Hajj trip. The following is a short video of parts of his visit there.

If you enjoy the video. Would you be so kind as to rate it and favourite it :) and also spread it, because i think it is a good reflection of Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Republic. Salam,

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Pierngadi Kurniawan
I love you, Mr. Ahmadinejad. Respect from Indonesia. May Allah give the Rahmah to all beloved muslims around the world.
mahaja karos
i'm malaysian muslim,,i'm so proud to be muslim ,,we are muslim sunni shitte wahhabism n other,,we are brothers,,,i love u all muslims ,,please do not fight each other,,please,,,Allahu akbar
It sounds to me like you are just a follower and fear to think for yourself. You don't want to prove anything for yourself. If you didn't you wouldn't be on this path of ignorance. And seriously if mohammed was really a great man he would show everyone how he accomplished what he did. So it is repeatable. The fact that you even fear to ask the question shows your ego is using fear to control you. Be a man and ask for the highest proof, which is personal experience of God.
And let's a takes a deeper look at your argument John. You made a claim billions follow it. So by that argument when mohammed first proposed islam and found vast majority of the middle east did not follow islam, it makes it clear that the rest of middle east was right and mohammed was wrong. Because he was just one person and millions of people were right with their carvings. Seriously just because many people follow something does not make it right. Most of the world thought the earth was flat.
And not one of your so called billion people have experience God for themselves. They are relying on something that some else said and than passed down over and over again for 1400 years. I'm sorry, but that is not proof. The Highest proof is to experience God for yourself. The face that you don't even what to try experiencing God for yourself and only want to rely on what someone else says show pure form of ignorance and you are not on the path to the truth. Personal experience is the proof
Please check this video out for a better understanding: watch?v=s3xKHT-83sQ
A true God of mercy would give the techniques ex. meditation and Yoga to the followers so they can connect directly with God without the need for a prophet. That is true mercy.
irshad khan
FUCK U and ur yoga Yoga is my dick
Mr. Be, if you haven't personally experience what your so-called prophet claimed he experience, you can't tell it is the truth. All you can say is I believe in it, but you have not personally experienced it for yourself. The highest proof and I mean the highest of all proofs in the universe is to personally experience claims of divinity that someone claims they experienced. Be your own lab and our mind, heart, and spirit should reprove and experience the so-called claims of divinity for ourselfs
Mr. Be, You are letting your Ego and Pride get in the way of actually understanding your attachment to historical characters and geographical places. What really matters is the techniques. Because of your attachment to some group to boost your Ego and Pride, you refuse to free yourself from idolworship of bowing to rocks in the middle east and claiming some historical characters are prophets. The biggest barrier to God is a person's Ego and pride and attachment things they haven't experienced.
It's funny you claim that it is his book. That is the problem with the prophet concept. It is very much ingrained in some historical character, historical place/s, historical things, and geographical places. It's all non-sense. The true proof is to be able to personally experience the divine for yourself instead of rely on what someone said some x number of years ago. You should be the prophet, and that is what God meant for everyone instead of rely on the experience of someone else long ago
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