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Published on Jan 3, 2010

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Halo - CTF - Banshee Kill Technique ("The Matador")

First, You want to draw the Banshee in with a couple Burst of Gunfire. Then Start Continuously Rotating by Pressing Your Move Right Button throughout the Confrontation.

Let Your Assault Rifle Reload Itself after each Clip, while maintaining Constant Rotation with the Target Banshee.

He will break firing at You as He Turns to Make Another Pass. Resume Continuous Fire until He's Down or Flees from Damage.

This isn't Perfect, and You may still Die 40% of the Time. But You Will No Longer Fear the Banshee, and Be Eager to Run Out of Your Base and Give Him What He has Coming.

Right or Left Side Stepping will usually keep You inside of His Circle so You can Continuously Maintain Your Target. Make Sure You watch Your Radar for Other Enemies, as when You face Multiple Players Firing at You simultaneously, You Will Die.

This Method seems quite reliable and predictable, and keeps your Body moving out of the Line of Fire. But You Will Die if He hits You with an Energy Blast.

This Technique works well with One on One Combat as Well, Unless Your Opponent has a Fuel Rod Gun, He may still get You.

But as You Side Step Your Opponent's position, You will See how easy it is to Track Your Target. His Aiming and Firing Will Almost Always be Behind Your Position. Even when He throws Grenades, He May Turn into the Path of His Own Destruction. Just keep Rotating throughout the Confrontation.

This Technique Does Not Lend Itself Well to Attacking a Warthog with a Machine Gun or Rockets, as their Guns Can Easily Track You as You Rotate Around Your Target.

Try to Draw Your Target into an Open Area where You Can Continuously Effect Your Motion without hindrance from Large Rock Out-Croppings, Cliffs, Or the Base Itself.

This is because You do Not want to stop moving, So the Enemy Can Shoot You.

I decided to call this maneuver, "The Matador" because it replicates the exact science of a Matador fighting a Bull. Constantly inviting the Enemy to Attack from a Specific Direction, and then Counter Attacking from the Side.

I'll bet You, if You had room, this would Give a Soldier at Tactical Advantage in Any One on One Combat Situation. Whether it be Hand to Hand, Edged Weapons, Pistol, or Rifle.

The Maneuver forces the Enemy to commit his full resources to a Target that is never there, While Giving the Soldier the Tactical Advantage of Never Changing Aiming on the Target Subject, and only minor adjustments as He Changes Position.

The Opponent is Constantly Forced to Re-Target His Weapon, which effectively reduces His Accuracy.

Matadors rarely lose a Bull Fight.

\\\\\\\\\\\\ WARNING! //////////////
*Does Not Work Against Tanks or 50 Cal. Mounted on Hog.*

Happy Hunting

-Tracy Mapes

P.S. - This is the same Shooting Technique used by the "Elites" in Halo.

If this Maneuver Was used in Real Combat, and Only Gave You a 10% percent advantage, Imagine If Your Entire Force Was Trained to Be 10% Better than Accepted Forms of Training when engaging a Single Enemy.

I'll Post a Video of Me Sparing With Other Online Soldier in Halo CTF, and You Will See How Most Cannot Hit Me with their Gunfire For a Substantial Amount of Trying. This, without Me Firing One Shot from My Weapon.

****New Recommendations - Lead the Banshee by 1-2 Reticles. Same on Leading Warthogs in motion. With Assault Rifle (Pulse Fire) Use Short Bursts, it Increases Shot Grouping.*****


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