Look at me now Female Version (All 3 verses!)





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Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011

Remake of Chris Brown's Look at me now by Atlanta rapper Chyna B.
All 3 verses.

pink M.A.C. lips, pink Rose' spillin,
pink AMG, pink pumps six inches,
yea, yea, you lookin like a groupie,
or somethin like a loser but that's puttin it loosely,
yo nigga love me, that's what he say,
"fuck that bitch she ain't shit", that's what she say,
I wax it all off, no Mr. Miyage
runnin old game on these niggas, call me Atari

young chick, been on my shit,
thick hips, lipstick same color as Dro's p-lo bitch,
cruisin down 20 in a french pink Bentley,
say i'm conceited, well call this an ego trip,
yea I'm dope, Nino shit
got more paper than Kinko print,
all these haters can suck my dick,
if not then just lick on the tip.

yea i'm thinkin bout a hunned cause
my mind stay on gettin paid, gettin paid, gettin paid
bank account stay laced, pop tags everyday,
so you know I get it in, fuck what they say
just know that Chyna B the topic, prototype, them other hoes copies
any nigga that I want I take my pick,
man-which one all these joes sloppy
anytime I come you know I keep it wetta,
so he gotta go and then he gotta catch
it aquafina flowin, fuck a diuretic
fuckin up his dreams yea that fantasy is ova
cause a nigga know that he can neva get it, get it
then i'm gonna murder any chick on the scene,
yea the chick with the dream of the house and the ring
and make it clearer to a couple niggas, we ain't catchin feelings,
slick pimpin, I trick'em again, again, and again.
so keep it movin to the left,
and yea I walked the green mile and I ain't neva miss a step
he say im his #1 cause he know that i'm the best,
yo nigga so in love wit Chyna, he got it tatted on his chest
so i'm drainin out his pockets til I know there's nothin left,
greedy bitch give me more, never satisfied with less
you girls neva had a chance, suggest you give it a rest
all I really wanna know is,
same chickens that be squakin, they be all up in my face
but the ball is in my court they'on really wanna play
we be hustlin, and dufflin, and whippin it, and shippin,
runnin numbers for so long you better steady up yo pace
wanna race me, go a lil faster,
cause i'm gonna lap all around these bastards,
just to stay on top of my shit cause you know I gotta have it!

man, fuck these duck ass bitches, how yall doin it's ms. juicy
college cutie, body stupid, sippin sour, blowin fruity
i'm super ruthless, yes I is, in that stupid roofless coupe we cruisin
and your boyfriend's such a groupie, he love Chyna fuck that Lucy, I
neva give a fuck about a hater, but fuck wit my paper, i'll have to slay ya
naw, no Buffy, but i'll buffet ya, eat yo ass alive then i'm waivin for the waiter
told my nigga shoot'em and he said okay, so he went to the chevy, grabbed the black AK
hot pink 22 tucked off in my waist, so I put it to his face like oil of olay.
i keep pumps too, but the bottoms red, gotta have bread,
gotta flip quick, gas a nigga up yea straight Quik Trip
then run him back to E, yea straight pimp shit
what's poppin sis? nothin bitch,
if he slip we'll take his shit,
and if she trip we'll flip that bitch,
yea lights out we'll flip that switch
say imma asshole? well fuck that shit,
love me a nigga that suck and lick
but nah one of yall can cuff this chick
cause im so sick that i'm damn near dead,
Decatur bred, that's my style
show'em all i got, no girls gone wild,
check it out, this F.lawless shit, if you got eyes


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