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Uploaded on Mar 20, 2010


I DON'T OWN ANYTHING. CREDIT FOR THE VIDEO CLIPS AND MUSIC GO TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNER(S). All i own is the editing. Information regarding the video will be shown at the end. WATCH IN HQ
Any questions? Message me.

Song: Look After You - The Fray

Voice clips:

"One thing I learned, is the importance of perciverance"
"That in the face of true love, you don't just 'give up'...Even if the object of your affection is begging you to"

"Do you...like me?"
"Define 'like'"
"I haven't slept. I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach...Fluttering"

"So you said you loved her?"
"Never heard you say that before...About anyone..."

"I mean, if you want her..."
"...Then man up and tell her!"

"The next time you forget you're Blair Waldorf..."
"...Remember, I'm Chuck Bass...and I love you"

"Chuck Bass is a romantic...Who knew?"
"Well now you do...and that's all that matters"

"Who cares..."
"I do!"
"Don't you understand?! - I'll always be here!"
"I don't want you going anywhere...I couldn't bear it..."
"So whatever you want to do to yourself...Please don't do that to me"

"You were right..."
"I was a coward running away again...Everywhere i went, it caught up with me...So i had to come back"
"I want to believe you...But I can't...You've hurt me too many times"
"You can believe me this time"
"That's it?"
"I love you too"

Ok, if i fail first year, i'm blaming this video. There was me thinking i'd make a quick video out of this song and Chair, but no, 24 hours later, i've done NO uni work and i've made a 5 minute video. I seriously need to get my priorities sorted - then again, i was always told it is essential to use your creative side of your brain in between doing actual work to make sure your work better... That's my excuse and i'm sticking with it!
So, i don't think i've ever posted a fan made video over 3 minutes long so this is a real achievement for me :) I'm rather proud and i have to admit i actually like this video. Oh and i LOVE this song and The Fray in general, so i just couldn't help myself!


It highlights the positives in the Chuck and Blair relationship dynamic. It's generally set from Chuck's POV, which i haven't really explored before. It demonstrates how much Chuck cares for Blair and how he wants them to be together so he can look after her. It does however switch POV towards the end of the video when we see how Blair has looked after Chuck in the past with his father's death and grieving over it. I think this video demonstrates how well suited they are and how they understand each other like no-one else does. And, yes, i HAD to include the season 2 finale scene - Chuck admitting he loves Blair, NEVER gets old :D As i've previously mentioned, GG really doesn't excite me anymore, but this video made me realise how good a pairing Chuck and Blair are.

Enjoy. As usual, comment, rate etc. Feedback is always welcomed & appreciated :)


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