Occupy El Paso Mic Checks Walmart on Black Friday





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Published on Nov 25, 2011

Why we mic checked walmart.

[Because of the way they treat their workers! We do think shopping locally is the right choice, and we do recognize that during the economic crisis people's choices are limited. We don't blame the working poor for trying to save money. But we can blame the employer for the conditions it forces its workforce to work under, as well preventing workers from organizing. Not too mention the Walton family... ]

Sonia Ossorio, president of New York City National Organization for Women, accused the company of setting a standard of discrimination against women employees, "showing other companies that you can make huge profits" by paying women less.

We recognize that as most of us struggle to get by, living paycheck by paycheck, we come here to the den of the beast to ask you why. Why are we ok with living on less. While corporations have more and more control over our lives every day. 1 in 5 children now in the Hispanic community, now qualify as in poverty. While the banks got bailed out, we got sold out!

Wal-mart prizes itself on its cheap prices, but those cheap prices come at a price, the price is the mistreatment of its workers. Inhumane working conditions run rampant in wal-mart's around the world. To the workers who are exploited, we are with you! We are you!

"According to Forbes Magazine, 4 of the 11 wealthiest people in America are Waltons. The Waltons control 48% of Walmart stock, and are predicted to gain a controlling share in the next 12 months. In fact, the Walton's combined net worth is $93 billion.

That's more wealth than the bottom 40% of Americans combined. They directly gave $7,000,000 in political contributions in 2010 and billions more through their family foundations in an effort to buy our legislative process. With all this money they still won't address the concerns of those who work for them such as scheduling (especially over holidays like this). And just last month, Walmart--the company that made them their billions slashed health care for hundreds of thousands of families."

One female employee with five years experience at Wal-Mart, said that when she asked why her pay was less, than that of a recently hired 17-year-old boy, a manager said, "You don't have the right equipment, You aren't male, so you can't expect to be paid the same." The sad truth is that this is not uncommon. Attacking women's wages, lowers men's wages too. To the women workers- we stand by you, we are you! An attack on women workers, is an attack on all of us!

Unfortunately, its interests are not those of its employees. With $14.3 billion in profits in 2010, Wal-Mart still saw fit to eliminate health insurance coverage for part time employees, cut company contributions to employee health savings accounts by 50% and increase health care premiums 17% to 61% for over 2.1 million employees worldwide. The average Wal-Mart worker makes $8.81 per hour, while the CEO makes $8990.00 per hour Health care is a human right! We die, they make money! It's time to Occupy Wal-Mart, to shine the spotlight on its many abuses, and to support the millions of workers in their struggle for a living wage. We support those who work here, we are with you! We are you!

Whats Disgusting! Union Busting! Whats outrageous! Sweatshop wages!


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