1. The Art of Drone Warfare (Obama's Extrajudicial Killing Program)

  2. The Armed Citizen: Fight Crime By Fighting Back

  3. The Armed Citizen II: Public Defense

  4. Mass Madness! We're in a lot of Trouble!

  5. I'm Mad as Hell!

  6. Immortal Technique - Civil War

  7. If You See Something, Film Something I: You Have The Right To Film The Police

  8. If You See Something, Film Something II: Recording Police is a Dangerous but Necessary Thing to Do

  9. If You See Something, Film Something III: Where is the Outrage and the Accountability?

  10. MLK: "The Promised Land"

  11. A Crisis in Consciousness (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

  12. Military-Industrial Complex - the Rise of the War Economy

  13. Lost in the American Police State

  14. Rebel Inc - Police State (TIR edit)

  15. Dear TSA (Part 1): American Travelers Are Not Terrorists

  16. Dear TSA (Part 2): You Symbolize the Deterioration of the Respect for Liberty

  17. Dear TSA (Part 3): You Are The Byproduct of a Failed Government

  18. This Is What Happened to Kelly Thomas

  19. 9/11 Never Forget (Building 7)

  20. The Two Bit Freak Show

  21. The Misplaced American Dream

  22. Regicidal Republic (JFKs Assassination)

  23. The State is Obsolete (The Twilight Zone)

  24. POLICE STATE - Guardians of Power

  25. The NATO War Machine Comes to Chicago

  26. Toward Economic Enslavement: the Battle for Greece

  27. Monk on Fire (Tibetan Monk Self-Immolates in Protest)

  28. The Unknown Rebel (Tank Man of Tienanmen Square)

  29. The Casualties of Drone Warfare

  30. The Injustice Report Montage

  31. War on the People - This is the Reality of the War on Drugs

  32. NDAA Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

  33. Reclaim Your Mind (420 Rally Concord, NH)

  34. The Real Reefer Madness

  35. The Nuclear Cannon (Upshot-Knothole - Grable)

  36. First U.S. Hydrogen Bomb Test, Mike Shot (Declassified Footage HD)

  37. U.S. Nuclear Bomb Disaster (Exposed Top Secret Operation)

  38. China's First Nuclear Bomb Test (Declassified Footage HD)

  39. Underground Nuclear Weapons Test (Declassified Footage HD)

  40. [Private Video]

  41. If You See Something, Film Something (Trilogy)

  42. Dear TSA... (The Trilogy)

  43. Police Brutality (Most Extreme Cases Exposed) WARNING Graphic Content

  44. The Political Circus (Fighting in Government)