Chinese Torture Atrocities: Beheadings Death by a 1000 Cuts. Note: Mao's Wife Demands the president of China be tortured to "death by 1000 cuts."





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Published on Jan 6, 2008

http://BrainMind.com/Tiananmen.html Chinese Torture & Atrocities: Beheadings & Death by a 1000 Cuts. Death by a 1000 cuts was utilized in China as punishment for over 1000 years until outlawed in 1905. Beheadings were commonplace for 4000 years.

The pictures of "death from a thousand cuts" are all from China, during the early 1900s. The beheadings are also from China, during this same time period. There is one photograph of a beheading at the very end of the film whose origins or perpetrators are disputed; some claim he is Japanese--though he is wearing a Chinese police officers cap which was still in fashion during the 1980s in Beijing, China.

This video is taken from a much longer film, by Dr. Joseph, that covers the history of China during the 1900s and ends with the Tiananmen Massacre.

Although death by 1000 cuts was outlawed, the communists in China under Mao committed horrible atrocities and torture. Mao's wife recommended "death by a 1000" for the president of Communist China and the co-chairman of the Communist party. It is for this reason that we included the footage from the cultural revolution--she recommended death by a thousand cuts and it fit into the topic of the film. Some complain we are being unfair to the communists by including this; this criticism is ridiculous.

In today's China, torture is commonplace, and a form of death by a 1000 cuts is practiced, i.e. in China's organ donation industry, where hearts, lungs, livers, eyes, are cut from the living bodies of unwilling victims, and then sold to the rich to be implanted in their wasted bodies. Many of the victims are kept alive for days until each organ is needed and then harvested for implantation.

Numerous sources confirm Mao and his communists committed horrible atrocities which continued after his death.

As recently as the 1970s Red Guards burned people alive, cut off heads, and ate living flesh cut from their victims, killing and torturing millions of innocent Chinese. These are the people who now rule China.

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What a distortion of facts. Using the torture pictures 150 years ago represent modern China. Although terrible things happen in Mao's time, such torture didn't happen. I believe Europe used to like burn people alive. Not much pictures left though.
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YGY gu
Those pictures were taken during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900(in Qing dynasty--still implement feudalism) and the China-Japanese War between 1937-1945(the victims were the harmless citizens of China who were killed by the soldiers of Japan).and....Why is it related to Mao? Now I could realize how China have been distorted by western counties. I'm a chinese,when I watch this video,I think it's so ridiculous and I dont know what's the purpose of making this video ?Just want your video to be eye-catching? I'm so sad that many western people still have huge prejudice of china because of so many fraudulent videos,report. When you see china's history,there are so many stains,but because of our unity and strive,our chinese culture could continues today.CHINA,CHINESE,could never be a negative word. I know this text can only be seen by few people and even just this one video can be watched by millions of people.However, I have to let more poeple to know the truth,even I'm so tiny. I also want you--who have read this text,to be rational when you see those kind of video,report.Using your own eyes to judge what is the truth.And if could,I hope you to tell more people the truth,let more people to know the real China. Thank you so much.
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Azrael Astrum
How could a person do this shit to another human being…It is absolutely beyond my comprehension!
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-_-ll Feng
I am a Chinese. If you have even a little knowledge of history, you will know these pictures were taken much earlier than 1980s. Let me tell you something about the beheading in this video: they were taken during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 and the Second China-Japanese War between 1937-1945. For the first ones, the victims were beheaded by Qing Dynasty because they joined the rebellion. The truth of the so called rebellion was a violent anti-foreign and anti-Christian movement. Qing Dynasty killed them because of the pressure came from the foreign countries. So these members was actually killed by the government they tried to protect( I did not mean I approve this kind of movement. It was a shame of China). About the second ones the victims were the harmless citizens of China who were killed by the soldiers of Japan.  You said:" some claim he is Japanese--though he is wearing a Chinese police officers cap which was still in fashion during the 1980s in Beijing, China." Well of course that was a Japanese! His clothes was apparently the uniform of Japanese troops during World War II! And in China it was a shame to wear it. How could we ever treat it as a fashion!  About "Mao's wife recommended "death by a 1000" for the president of Communist China", well, we all agree she was a horrible person in Chinese history, but I want to inform you, just in case you do not know, "death by a 1000(千刀万剐)" is also a Chinese proverb to express the hatred to someone. It was once a torture in Chinese history and it was absolutely banned after the Qing Dynasty. In history this torture was only operated a few times. However, most of the time people who said that does not mean to do it. I know my country made and is still making some horrible mistakes, but China is changing. It would take time to change a big country who lagged behind for hundreds of years. What really makes me angry is that you use the photos in which Chinese people were the victims of foreign invasion to disgrace China! How could someone with conscience ever do that!
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I personally don't like Mao neither. But all the pictures(except the ones before 1:26) are taken during the time even before Mao was born. The braid on everybody's head is a clear indicator that they are all taken in Qing dynasty. The video maker is just bragging with this kind of garbage, and making full all of the audiences. BTW, I do really think Youtube is garbage too if it continues to recommend these kind of garbages to me.
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cuts off head "Now take him to be tortured!"
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Chinese are blaming Japan for Rape of Nanking while they commited atrocious crimes against their own people. Are they morally superior to Japanese? Chinese should shed light on their brutalities first before criticising others.
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David R
You don't want the Chinese running the global order.
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marios manesis
p,s, thanks for the links
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i  dont give a damn when they put the pic together... The country is made up of sick bastards. 
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