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Chinese Torture Atrocities: Beheadings Death by a 1000 Cuts. Note: Mao's Wife Demands the president of China be tortured to "death by 1000 cuts."




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Published on Jan 6, 2008 Chinese Torture & Atrocities: Beheadings & Death by a 1000 Cuts. Death by a 1000 cuts was utilized in China as punishment for over 1000 years until outlawed in 1905. Beheadings were commonplace for 4000 years.

The pictures of "death from a thousand cuts" are all from China, during the early 1900s. The beheadings are also from China, during this same time period. There is one photograph of a beheading at the very end of the film whose origins or perpetrators are disputed; some claim he is Japanese--though he is wearing a Chinese police officers cap which was still in fashion during the 1980s in Beijing, China.

This video is taken from a much longer film, by Dr. Joseph, that covers the history of China during the 1900s and ends with the Tiananmen Massacre.

Although death by 1000 cuts was outlawed, the communists in China under Mao committed horrible atrocities and torture. Mao's wife recommended "death by a 1000" for the president of Communist China and the co-chairman of the Communist party. It is for this reason that we included the footage from the cultural revolution--she recommended death by a thousand cuts and it fit into the topic of the film. Some complain we are being unfair to the communists by including this; this criticism is ridiculous.

In today's China, torture is commonplace, and a form of death by a 1000 cuts is practiced, i.e. in China's organ donation industry, where hearts, lungs, livers, eyes, are cut from the living bodies of unwilling victims, and then sold to the rich to be implanted in their wasted bodies. Many of the victims are kept alive for days until each organ is needed and then harvested for implantation.

Numerous sources confirm Mao and his communists committed horrible atrocities which continued after his death.

As recently as the 1970s Red Guards burned people alive, cut off heads, and ate living flesh cut from their victims, killing and torturing millions of innocent Chinese. These are the people who now rule China.


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