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Published on Feb 3, 2010

Siti Nurhaliza is a Malaysian's sweetheart that adored by many people.. Siti is dubbed as The Voice of Asia when Alicia Keys first introduced her with the title during the MTV Asia Awards 2005 that held in Bangkok, Thailand.. She is known for her politeness, humble, good manner and down-to-earth attitude eventhough she is the megastar in the region.. She possessed a strong vocal quality and very versatile in performing any genre of songs.

To date, Siti has collaborated with many renowned Asian artists such as Preap Sovath (Cambodia); Agnes Monica, Chrisye, Dewa 19, Gita Gutawa, Harvey Malaiholo, Krisdayanti, Marcell, Melly Goeslow, Padi, Peterpan, Rossa, Sahrul Gunawan and Yana Julio (Indonesia); Hiroshi Takano, The Boom, You Hitoto (Japan); Lay Phyu (Myanmar); Jolina Magdangal and Kuh Ledesma (Philippines); Francesca Peter, Sun Ho, Taufik Batisah (Singapore); Lee Hom Wang (Taiwan); Palmy (Thailand); and Lam Trường (Vietnam).

In addition, Siti had also collaborated with Gareth Gates (UK), during MTV Asia Awards 2004, Sammy Yusof in Sammy's latest album and Sean Kingston in her English album. One of Thailand most sought after singers, Tata Young has also expressed her interest in collaborating with Siti and has praised Siti as "Asia's Mariah Carey" for her outstanding performances.

This video is made as to appreciate her and her fans as well.. It's a tribute to the Malaysia's Most Successful singer in this decade.. =)

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Dyan Slab
im from the philippines and i admit every asian countries has their own great singers and divas. lets be united in promoting asian artists.. I like these asian artists: Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia), Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki (Japan), Jay Chou (Taiwan), Peter Pan and Jaclyn Victor (Indonesia), Stephanie Sun (Singapore), Vivian Chow (Hong Kong), Ding Wei (China), Aof Pongsak (Thailand), BoA and Rain (Korea) and Eraserheads, Nina and Lea Salonga (Philippines) Let's support Asian artists =)
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amirul redza fc
Dyan Slab Jaclyn Victor Is Malaysia..You Need To Check First
Bulan Mengambang
Dyan Slab stop promoting your singer, we r malaysian really do not know both of your singer like u mentioned above, we r not interested, we r not arrogant but just so tired of hearing your promotion
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Congratulations to Siti Nurhaliza for winning Best Female Artist (beating Rossa, Raisa, Shila Amzah and Dayang Nurfaizah) and Best Malaysian's Song (Lebih Indah) in Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM 2014) last night in Singapore.. She's indeed still the voice to beat in this region.. ^__^
Nurul Hikmah
subhanallah,,,she's so great, i love siti nurhaliza. she's really inspiring me. salam dari indonesia.
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+Nurul Hikmah I think right now she's focussing more on her business rather than her singing career.
Nurul Hikmah
you're welcome. sayang siti nurhaliza udah gak pernah lagi konser di indonesia, kami jadi rindu sama suara merdunya. kapan ya dia bisa datang lagi ke indonesia. salam rindu buat siti nurhaliza, salam dr indonesia untuk malaysia :)
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hakim nazir
Siti Nurhaliza= The Voice of Asia, Asia`s Celine Dion, Asian Living Legend, Asia`s Best Kept Secret, Asia` Mariah Carey,  ASEAN Diva of All Time, Truly Asia Songbird.
Newbie 395
Classic Vintage
Saya peminat tegar Siti , baca betol2 'SAYA TAK MINAT REGINE VELASQUEZ' . Buktinya bukak channel saya , saya banyak tonton & liked vid Siti . Tapi tak perlu bagi saya nak rendah2kan Regine & kata dia menjerit2 bila menyanyi . Sbb dia bukan menjerit . Dia belting sebenarnya . Menjerit lain , belting lain . Tolong belajar bezakan antara dua tu . Bila org filipino kutuk & rendah2kan Siti , kita marah tapi dlm masa yg sama kita pun kutuk artis mereka . So , kita pon sama ja mcm mereka . Mmg la kita minat Siti tapi dlm masa yg sama , adore la jugak dgn talents yg lain di Asia . Regine bagus , Siti pon bagus . Dan tak semestinya vocal range yg luas & tinggi2 mcm Regine tu saja yg boleh dipanggil bagus . Siti pon amazing in her own way . Suara mcm Siti tak banyak di market international . Di sana banyak suara2 yg tinggi tapi tak banyak suara lemak merdu mcm Siti , arwah Saloma & arwah Sharifah Aini misalnya . So , sapa yg kata suara Siti tak unik tu kurang pengetahuan sebenarnya . :)
Lee. Yana
Sbb ap aku suka sgt Siti.Even dia dah popular smpai ke worldwide pun,dia masih mngeklkan adat orang melayu,tgoklah pakaiannya..Xdela na pkai mcm matsaleh .Lg satu,dia dah memartabatkan bahasa melayu ke serata dunia dgn mnyanyikn lagu melayu kat luar negara.Xmcm skang,international tp lagu inggeris sume..Bahasa melayu da xtrkenal dah di serata dunia..sgt appreciate dgn apa yg dia dah buat kat negara kita :')
the only one malay female artist that i know the name
ShortComment Only
I love her! She's a great singer! A talent rarely can found nowaday
Wan Mohd Amin Wan Abd Rahman
berbangga kita anak malaysia
khairul amirin
She so adorable and lovely person she's the best Asian singer I've ever heard......she the legend buyaaa pinoys admits that you are losers
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