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Published on Sep 16, 2011

CLICK HERE FOR RULES: http://www.kandeej.com/2011/09/as-see... my FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kandeethemake... TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/kandeejohnson My personal BLOGGY: http://www.kandeeland.com My other youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/thekandeejohns... This is my 300th video and I am taking you on a shopping trip, a tour of my very first video on YOutube (How to Clean your brushes), and to show you all the things I'm giving away to you guys for being loyal youtube watchers of mine! I am giving away one huge prize and 3 smaller ones: All the rules on my blog: http://www.kandeej.com
WINNER will be announced on my blog on September 24th. Grand prize: MAC, NARS, Tweezerman, Make-Up Forever and more! 3 smaller prizes of URban Decay Palettes, MAC travel Zoom Mascara, and Sephora Lip Palette mixer set! Hurry, enter as many times as you like, BUT you HAVE TO READ MY BLOG FOR OFFICIAL RULES! have fun and thank you so much for watching!!! i love you guys!!

How to Start a Revolution
Thanks for writing this awesome song for me!!! I love it!

Comments • 59,097

😳😳😳OMG !!!! I so wish I new about this in 2011 !!! 1 of all it's awesome , 2 of all that stuff is the best !!!
Marte S
Oh my! How I wish I used YouTube in 2011! The person who won all this is so lucky!
Jenny Linehan
I will end my comments here....I in NO MEANS want to hurt anyone's feelings but when you see such a drastic difference between Kandee and all the other Gurus, someone HAS to speak out. I Hope that Kandee makes ONLY uplifting videos from now on....she's got a Wonderful Life, no need to bring up old wounds. We are ALL imperfect BUT lets not "USE" our subscribers by whining and retelling the same stories over and over. I only wish the best for Kandee and Hope that she "grows up" in this respect.
Jenny Linehan
Other Gurus who may talk about their personal life at times but DO NOT use Negativity to gain Subscribers.....other Gurus...leighannsays, Samantha Schuerman, Glamlifeguru (Tati) these are WONDERFUL Women who are in charge of their lives and can take the hard knocks when they come. They pick themselves up and don't continue to post videos such as, The REAL Kandee , My Story, etc....it gets OLD. I feel sorry for the people who fall for this (mostly younger) but they will figure it out eventually.
Jenny Linehan
No other Honest Youtuber....USES Youtube to tell/explain every single negative thing that happens to them. When she fell and her leg was all messed up, who the heck was filming all of that??? and WHY??? Has anyone in all Honesty taken the time to actually think about the REASONS behind all of this?? If Kandee is going to put herself out there, then she's going to have to suck it up and "get over" herself....it's just a fact...Watch some decent, Honest, funny Gurus , like Melmphs, Emilynoel83.
Jenny Linehan
I hate to say but I agree with Tim....Kandee is VERY talented....I would say her BEST talent is PR....She wins the Medal for sucking you into her life and all her woes, etc BUT WHERE does she get the money to fly back and forth between Nevada, Utah (whichever it is) to LA where her Mom/Sister live??? How does she pay for ALL the expensive makeup that she uses?? Her Glaminars were a bust....her "Certificate" was not worth ANYTHING to get started in the Makeup Business. NO MORE "POOR ME" vids!
Fabiana Bommino
Hey! Hey Tim? How bout u STFU?!?! K? K. Thanks!
Gabrielle Johnson
asshole ~ die in hell
Tim w
Yeah a poor mother that can afford 300$ worth of makeup to give away...??Hmmmm Also when she talks about how much she "LOves" Her viewers..Of course she does..IT MAKES HER MONEY!!! She looks all around and down when she spews her caring so much and law 101..When people look down their about to tell a LIE!!! She looks ALL around.. Its sad that this isnt even a talented artist and lies REPEATEDLY and uses MINORS to send her money... Sad.. THere are way more deserving HONEST people on youtube!

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