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Published on Sep 30, 2010

This is by far the fastest 'Boss battle' there is in all Samurai action movie history! Add any other funny requests for some "kick ass" Videos. I will shortly be making a new video seires that will have it's preview next year in the summer time. Make sure to also stay tune on the SlashStudio226 channel for all the updates on Retarded Zombie, dj slash jack, and much much more.
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Except this is how 99% of samurai fights ended, if they crossed blades at all.
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99% is an exaggeration for sure, but it's also just an expression. I don't mean it literally. Nitpicking speech instead of tackling the claim itself is not a good debate tactic.
+Vam The Anomaly Full armor (o-yoroi) and the katana were from different periods. Samurai in full armor used the tachi and uchigatana as secondary weapons, the the bow, spear, and halberd as primary weapons. By the Edo period, the big wars were over and swordsmanship's emphasis had changed to single combat/duelling. I also think you'll find that in most schools of kenjutsu and iaijutsu there's not actually a lot of parrying practiced. It's all about waiting for the decisive moment and then going for the kill. Sometimes a strike is ALSO a parry, but the clang-clang, blade-against-blade type of blocking and parrying is mostly from chambara (movie swordplay), and not so much from classical bujutsu.
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probably far more realistic of real life sword fights than most movie depictions
Worst, most fake sword fight, ever. -shitty blade draw sound (ssshkkkkkkwiiiinnggg! oh for fuck sake) -Poorly mixed in filler audio of "the blades hitting" -edge contact (oh my fuck people now still believe it happened back then) -that gut slice would never instantly kill some one, they could hold on for quite a bit and still fight back. -katana glorification -fake ass push duel. (mfw is this star wars?) -no actual force in the cut strokes. Oh wait hollywood has plenty more.
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Deniz Mülazım
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Hayato Hoshigaki
Apparently youtube houses the greatest and most versatile group of experts. Post a video of swords clashing and immediately fifty modern "blacksmiths" and "fencers" storm in to give their two cents. Or rather, shove them down a person's throat. It's like this in everything...
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Justin Chang
Hayato Hoshigaki damn bro hella true!
If people can think rationally they can find the truth. If not then they don't deserve to.
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Guy Smith
The duel in Seven Samurai was faster. Both times.
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+AgentStoobing Sanjuro one stroke
+Guy Smith Ditto!!
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Nnnnnnnope. If you count from when swords are drawn to when one of the duelists falls, the final duel from Sanjuro is much, must faster. It includes a single swordstroke from each participant and lasts about a second.
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Terry Shulky
+Claude I could have sworn Toshiro Mifune pressed the half-drawn sword into the baddy, slicing his aorta but having looked at that clip again it seems you are right (thanks Youtube).
+Terry Shulky Reversed grip, drew with the right hand, left forearm pushed the tip of the sword into Nakadai's chest. The whole thing was so fast it took me a few viewings to figure out what was happening. And the valve on the fake blood broke, so when they triggered it the "blood" shot out so strongly that Tatsuya almost couldn't stand up under the force. Kurosawa loved the effect, so he left it in.
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Häijy Velho
What the hell are those sound effects :DD
this isn't as fast as the duel in seven samurai.
the fight at the end of Sanjuro is so fast if you blink you'll miss it. 1 stroke after the draw. fountain of blood.
risa bear
BTW the fountain was a mechanical failure but Kurosawa liked it and kept the shot.
you should watch more of this genre. because there are plenty of sword fights in other chambara titles, which are even shorter than this one. samurai did not favor long drawn out duels, or one on one battles as in many Kung Fu films. to a samurai their sword was considered the receptacle of their very soul. they developed fighting techniques to slay their opponent in one stroke. putting far less wear and tear on their sword, and allowing them fight in an efficient manner, but not a flashy one.
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Jose Stickman
Fights between serious enemies with edged weapons and no shields do not last long. 
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