Collectivist Are Coming for The GUNS!!





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Published on Dec 17, 2012

Today on this live Sunday, December 16, 2012 edition, Alex Jones focuses on the coordinated moves from the gun control lobby to seize upon the tragic shooting in Connecticut in order to restrict the 2nd Amendment. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has vowed to introduce new legislation in Congress for an Assault Weapons Ban immediately when the new session begins, while a wide spectrum of media pundits and political figures are demanding gun rights be curtailed. Shockingly, social media outlets like Twitter have flooded with calls not only to target gun ownership, but to actually murder gun owners themselves. Your calls and comments are welcome.

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  1. 8303

    Collectivist & Obama Declare War on Gun Owners

  2. 8304

    Troops on Streets and Mercury in Vaccines All For Your Safety

  3. 8305

    Sheeple Petition Calls For Obama To Disarm Americans

  4. 8306

    Mike Adams Answers: Do Guns Kill People?

  5. 8307

    Mainstream Media Declare War on Self Defense

  6. 8308

    Gandhi was Pro 2nd Amendment

  7. 8309

    They're Coming For Our Guns: This is The Big One

  8. 8310

    Obama Set To Ban Most Guns! Emergency Alert

  9. 8311

    Michigan Stands Up to NDAA

  10. 8312

    Special Report: Inside A Survival Bunker

  11. 8313

    Preppers in Obama's Crosshairs

  12. 8314

    Clinton Gun Ban Revisited TSA Style

  13. 8315

    Former Cop Reveals Obama's Medical Tyranny Plans for Amercia

  14. 8316

    Callers React to Obama's Fake Crying

  15. 8317

    Creepy Illuminati Message in Batman Movie Hints at Sandy Hook School

  16. 8318

    Jesse Ventura Defends The 2nd Amendment After Connecticut Tragedy

  17. 8319

    Will Obama Cry For Children He Has Killed With Drones?

  18. 8320

    Strategic Relocation the film FULL VERSION with EXTRAS

  19. 8321

    Preppers Now Getting Blamed For Shooting

  20. 8322

    Repealing The 2nd Amendment Would Start Another Civil War

  21. Collectivist Are Coming for The GUNS!!

  22. 8324

    Left Now Calling For The Killing Of Gun Owners!

  23. 8325

    State Run News Stalks CT Shooting Victims!

  24. 8326

    Ban Prozac And Other Mass Murder Drugs Not Guns!

  25. 8327

    Obama Looks to Exploit School Massacre to Ban All Guns

  26. 8328

    TSA Calls Wheelchair Bound Girl, Death on Wheels

  27. 8329

    The Illegitimacy of The Income Tax System

  28. 8330

    Connecticut School Massacre Looks Like False Flag Says Witnesses

  29. 8331

    Former FBI Informant: Obama will Destroy America Once He Has All The Guns

  30. 8332

    Will Opportunist Obama Use School Shooting to Repeal 2nd Amendment?

  31. 8333

    Murderers Want Your Guns

  32. 8334

    Divide & Conquer

  33. 8335

    Is Connecticut Shooting a False Flag?

  34. 8336

    Obama Caught Fake Crying

  35. 8337

    2012 Doomsday Secrets Revealed

  36. 8338

    Special Report: 30 Year Vaccine Safety Coverup Revealed

  37. 8339

    Death Ray Drones To Hit The Skies

  38. 8340

    Special Report: Obama Cronies Want To Kill and Imprison Americans

  39. 8341

    Dr. Russell Blaylock: Gov't Runs Your Medicine Under Obamacare

  40. 8342

    Breaking! JFK Insider Speaks Out

  41. 8343

    America Taken Over by Crime Syndicate

  42. 8344

    Callers React to The Escalating Attack on Civil Liberties

  43. 8345

    TSA National Anthem

  44. 8346

    Medical Tyranny in America

  45. 8347

    Health Secrets The Globalists Don't Want You to Know

  46. 8348

    Infowars Drone Mob Video Contest Goes Viral!

  47. 8349

    U.S. Military Now Targeting Afghan Children

  48. 8350

    Police Admit Tasers Used to Compel Obedience

  49. 8351

    Mafia Code Enforcement Target Hurricane Sandy Victims

  50. 8352

    Handcuffs That Torture Via Remote Control

  51. 8353

    Alex Takes Calls on The Growing Police State

  52. 8354

    How The Global Banking Mafia Operate

  53. 8355

    Syrian Girl: Obama Directly Backing Al-Qaeda in Public Statement

  54. 8356

    The Militarization of America

  55. 8357

    How to Hack a Drone

  56. 8358

    Pentagon Plans Laser Equipped Drones within 5 Years

  57. 8359

    Supermen: The Nwo Vision for 2030

  58. 8360

    Transit Authorities Admit to Spying on You

  59. 8361

    Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens without Trial is Treason

  60. 8362

    Alex Jones Takes on The Nwo Crime Syndicate HEAD ON

  61. 8363

    Alex Takes Calls on Tyranny 2.0

  62. 8364

    Alex Jones: 10 Reason Why The World will NOT END

  63. 8365

    The Balkanization of America is Accelerating

  64. 8366

    Alex Jones Confronts The Feds on Their Turf

  65. 8367

    Doctor Unloads on Statin Drugs

  66. 8368

    Planet Infowars: Connecting Patriots Against Tyranny

  67. 8369

    More Evidence of CIA Mind Control Assassins

  68. 8370

    Toothpaste Makers Increase IQ-Crushing Fluoride Dose

  69. 8371

    Evidence Points Toward U.S. Backed False Flag Against Syria

  70. 8372

    Alex Takes Calls on The Continuing Collapse of America

  71. 8373

    is Jamie Foxx Racist?

  72. 8374

    Toothpaste Has 5000% More Fluoride Than Fluoridated Drinking Water Study Shows

  73. 8375

    Economy on The Skids

  74. 8376

    Jesse Ventura Calls Out Gov't for Censoring Truthers

  75. 8377

    Jesse Ventura: Liberals Want to Take Our Guns!

  76. 8378

    Jesse Ventura Says Protest Dealey Plaza Closure

  77. 8379

    The Alzheimer's Conspiracy

  78. 8380

    GOP Cave in to Obama's Massive Tax Increase Demand!

  79. 8381

    Texans Protest Spy Drones

  80. 8382

    The Secrets Terrorists Don't Want You To Know

  81. 8383

    Doctor and Pharmacist Break Down The Best Diet

  82. 8384

    Parent Speaks Out About Vaccine Injuries and Autism

  83. 8385

    Congress to Push Drone Oversight to DHS

  84. 8386

    NATO Says Military Intervention in Syria is "Imminent"

  85. 8387

    Terrorism 101 with Little Jones

  86. 8388

    A Black Friday Christmas?

  87. 8389

    Lord Monckton Exposes Globalist Masquerading as Earth Savers at UN Climate Summit

  88. 8390

    Syrian Girl: U.S. & NATO Fighting for Al-Qaeda

  89. 8391

    Drifting Towards World War 3

  90. 8392

    Joe Rogan - Truth Seeker: The Interview

  91. 8393

    Alex Takes Calls on The Engineered Fiscal Cliff

  92. 8394

    Obama's George Bush Pre-War Invasion Moment

  93. 8395

    Gerald Celente: The 21st Century Megawar Has Begun

  94. 8396

    Doctor Shares The Secret of Essential Life Minerals

  95. 8397

    Drone Mob Location Revealed

  96. 8398

    Gold/Dollar/Debt: The Next Four Years: Lindsey Williams

  97. 8399

    Sleeping Giant Says No To Crowd Control Drones

  98. 8400

    Bureaucrat Wants Disarmed Slaves

  99. 8401

    Syria Ripe For A False Flag

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