Kalam-e-Iqbal By Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Tu rah naward-e-Shouq hai (complete)





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Published on Jan 6, 2011

Tu Rah Naward-E-Shauq Hai; Manzil Na Kar Qabool - Allama Iqbal

Ki Haqq Se Farishton Ne Iqbal Ki Ghammaazi
Gustaakh Hay Karta Hay Fitrat Ki Hinabandi
Angels complained to Allah about Iqbal
Arrogant is he (Iqbal) goes against Natural course

Khaki Hay Magar Iske Andaz Hein Aflaky
Roomi Hay Na Shame Hay Kashi Na Samarkandi
This creation of clay is of heavenly nature
Neither is he Roman, Syrian, Kashi or Samarqandi
(Kashi meaning from Kashgar, Samarkand city in Uzbekistan)

Sikhlaayi Farishton Ko Aadam Ki Tarap Isne
Aadam Ko Sikhaata Hay Aadaab-e-Khuda Wandi
He taught angels the restlessness of Man
And taught Man the manner of Godliness

Hakimi Ne Musalmani Khudi Ki
Kalimi RamzEPinhani Khudi Ki
Tujhe Gur Fakr-o-Shahi Ka Bata Doon
Ghareebi Mein Nigehbani Khudhi Ki
Wisdom is when Khudi reaches climax and becomes Muslim
Hidden secret to Khudi is when one can start talking with God
Let me tell you the secret of poverty and richness
In poverty you be guardian of Khudi

Khudi Ki Jalwatoon Mein Mustafai
Khudi Ki Khalwatoon Mein Kibriai
Zameeno Asmano Arsh-o-Kursi
Khudi Ki Zud Mein He Saari Khudai
When Khudi is apparent then its Prophet-hood
When Khudi is hidden then it's Divine
Earth, Skies, Heaven and Throne
Way to God is in the grip of Khudi

Tera Johar He Noori, Paak He Tu
Farogh-e-Deeda-e-Aflaak He Tu
Tere Saidhe Zaboo Aa-Farishta-o-hoor
Kay Shaheen-e-Shahe Lo-Laak He Tu
The crux of your creation is Noor (light), you are pure
Heavenly eyes want to see your progress
Angels and Beautiful Maidens are for you
You are an Eagle of Allah (Shah) the owner of lo-laak (realm where no one can go)

Tu Rah Naward-e-Shauq Hai ; Manzil na ker qabool
You are a traveller traversing the road of love
Don't settle for your current state or take rest/reprieve from your mission

Laila Bhi Hum Nashin Ho tu Mehmil Na Ker Qabool?
Even if Laila (Worldly Glitters) be your close companion, don't accept that and shun it with great contempt!

Subhe Azal Yeh Mujh Se Kaha Jibraeel Ne
On the early morning of Creation! This counsel/advice Jibraeel gave me;

Apne Mun Mein Doob Ker Paja Suragh E Zindagi
Tu Agar Mera Nahi Banta Na Bun... Apna To Bun
Dive within yourself and find the secret of life
If you dislike following me, then don't! But at least listen to your own self

Mun Ki Dunya Mun Ki Dunya Sooz O Masti Jazb O Shouq
Tan Ki Dunya Tun Ki Dunya Sood O Sauda Makr O Fun
Inward world is feelings-emotions, and passion-interests
Outward world is bargain-dealings, and deception-art

Mun Ki Doulat Haath Aati Hai To Phir Jaati Nahi
Tan Ki Daulat Chaaon Hai Aata Hai Dhan Jata Hai Dhan
When one attains inward wealth then he never loses
Outward wealth is like a shadow, Money comes and goes

Mun Ki Dunya Mein Na Dekha Mein Ne Afrangi Ka Raaj
Mun Ki Dunya Mein Na Dekhe Mein Ne Shaikh O Brahman
In inward world I dint find the throne of British
In inward world I didn't find Sheikhs nor Brahmins

Yeh Subh-e-Azal Mujh Se Kaha Jibraeel Ne
Jo Aqal Ka Ghulam Ho Woh Dil Na Ker Qabool
On the early morning of Creation! This counsel/advice Jibraeel gave me;
He told me not accept a heart; Enchained by mind of man like slave.

Batil Doyee Pasand He; Haq La Shareek He
Shirkat Mayn-e-Haq-o-Batil Na Ker Qabool
Untruth conceals in various masks; But Truth and God are both unique
There can't be pool 'twixt good and bad; this fact is known from times antique.

Aye Juoee Abb Berh Ke Ho Darya Tand-o-Taiz
Ke Sahil Tujhe Ata Ho To; Sahil Na Ker Qabool
O Stream, onward flow and get transformed into a river that's torrent strong and deep
If bank is bestowed onto you (banks to stop your advance) Then Abstain! Flow on with mighty roar.

Sahil Tujhe Ata Ho To; Sahil Na Ker Qabool
If bank is bestowed onto you (banks to stop your advance) Then Abstain! Flow on with mighty roar.


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