Do i love my Stepfather? Chapter 7.





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Published on Nov 5, 2011

Sorry i haven't posted in a while..I guess i lost motivation! People are messaging me and asking why i haven't posted! Its funny because half of those people never commented on my videos before.I know i ask for a specific amount of comments but most of the time your comments are really short and dont give me enough motivation to write:( Anyways im back and heres Chapter 7!
(Demi's pov)

I wake up to the smell of a intoxicating aroma of cologne .I slowly open my eyes and look around. I'm in Joe and my mothers room,In their bed . What am i doing in here?This is Disgusting! They have sex in this bed.I throw the sheets off of me and sit up.God i feel dizzy.The room is spinning ,just when i was about to get up " DEMI!" Joe yells from his bathroom."WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING".
I sigh and look down.He sped toward me and pulled me up from the bed."THIS" He said pointing to my wrists with anger." THIS IS NO WAY TO LET OUT FRUSTRATION! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DEMI YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK WHEN I FOUND YOU ON THE FLOOR LIKE THAT" I looked at him with sorrow.He toke a deep breathe."Why did you do this?" he said his features calming down. " I-i dont know". "Dont play this game with me Demi i know you have reason!" Joe spat.
"My mom" i replied. " Your mom? What did she do?" He questioned clueless."Are you fucking serious? Have you not seen how she treats me Joe?". "I know she can be a little..Harsh sometimes but she is really stressed with working and stuff". Was he serious? Harsh my ass! My mom could make a nun swear."You know what Joe,Take your pity,fake concern,and my 'Sweet as a sugar' mom and shove them up your ass!" i said furiously."What the hell Demi? Im trying to help you" Joe said ."Well maybe i dont need your help" i ran out his room and slammed the door.

Knock knock."DONT COME IN" i yelled." Too late" Joe sung as he shuffled into my so called "Room".Its been about an half and hour since Joe and I's fight."What do you want" i said as i flung a magazine i was reading in his direction,it landing precisely next to him.He walked closer to me"May i sit" He said referring to the chair next to my bed."Would it matter if i said no". "Probably not" He laughed as he sat down. I rolled my eyes."Seriously Joe! Why are you here" i asked. "Im worried about you?".After all this time treating me like shit he thinks i care? "Oh please,I can die tomorrow and you wouldn't bat an eyelash"."You know thats not true" he said tiredly.No i really don't know."Do you want to go somewhere with me tomorrow? just the two of us" He questioned.Ok..Tonight is by far the creepiest nights of my life.First he's worried about me and now he wants to spend time with me? "What?".
"You know you and i,Together having 101 time" He said obviously. 101 time? Oh lord."Im not your charity case joe!"." I know your not but please" he begged. This will be the first time we EVER go somewhere together outside the house".He did have a point.I did not want to be on a bad note with him forever,Plus i liked seeing him beg me for something for once."Okay". "Really" he asked with a big smile on his face."Yeah" i couldn't help but smile at his reaction."Good well,um goodnight" he said quickly getting up from his chair and then falling backwards.I looked at him and busted in to laughter.He got up and went to the door."Well Goodnight"he said awkwardly.See this is the first time he has ever said goodnight to me."Wait is my mom coming home tonight"."No shes spending the night at your aunts" he said."Oh okay goodnight."Goodnight". Tomorrow is going to be...interesting!

This is basically where the story really starts.5 comments for the next one.


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