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Published on Dec 13, 2011

Chanuka on the most basic level was the fight to live freely in our country as Jews, but on a deeper level it was a struggle between two radically different philosophies. The Greek concepts of physical beauty, nature and art for art's sake and our belief in an inner internal beauty, of the physical world being only a stepping stone to reaching higher spirituality.

It is not by chance that Chanuka is 8 days. In mystical terms the number 7 represents the physical world, 7 days of the week, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7 notes in a musical scale. The number 8 represents that concept that there is something beyond this physical world. The Hebrew word for 8, Sh'moneh, has the same Hebrew letters as the word Neshama - the soul!

The weak flickering flame, that tiny spark, also represents our soul. A flame hardly exists in this world, you can put your hand through it, and yet, bring a candle into a pitch black room and the whole room will be illuminated. We have to let that spark inside us shine brightly and then it will illuminate our whole being!

So this Chanuka, remember! It's not just about lights, fights, donuts and dreidles! It's about connecting to that deep part of us that is searching for real meaning and that aspect of the world that you would not see at first glance!

A Modern Day Maccabee

by Seth Hirsch

A modern day maccabee

living in a society

in which I've fought to be

what I gotta be

what I'm taught to be

guerilla warfare

against Antiochus' army

pulling Jews from Judaism

banned Torah studies and Shabbos

destroyed the Holy Temple

menorahs and Torah

defiled it

found only one

kosher jar of oil used to light the wicks

The candles burned for 8 days

that's miraculous

7's the number of the physical world

8 is transcendence

8 days of opportunity

look within and beyond ourselves

there's far more to existence than the natural realm

And there's far more to existence

than what we're being told

on the television

so I switch it off and grab the scroll

And read what the ancestors read

behind closed doors under candlelight

coz the Greeks oppressed

but we know every cause has an effect

with oppression of religion

resistance inevitably is met

Freedom to worship

and the freedom to practice

to find how this applies in modern society

one won't need an atlas

coz Herzl was a macabee

tell them to meet the backlash

pogroms like Antiochus attacks

now we got the sabras

children of the nation

founded for us

all to lay back and daven in harmony

light candles all 8 days pass

Hanukkah represents non-assimilation

but modernization

shows us how open minded Jews are in the nations

of America or Britian

somewhere where what's big is christmas so we got

really flashy lights and give our kids gifts

in Jewish law

it's forbidden to get a benefit from lights of the menorah

even if it's used to count your assets

we give our children gelt

because of what it represents


you turn your money into whatever you wish

Jacob went back across the river

to get some jars

a thousand years later

the macabees used that oil for some sparks

Give information that includes history

what it means to us nowadays

some of the laws involved and why 8 days

if only I could sum it up in less than a phrase

and give it out to anyone listening what would

I say

Hanukkah means education

and dedication

and also beginning

so I guess it's the beginning of all 3

the beginning of dedication

and education follows that

a chain reaction of how risky life gets

we celebrate the spiritual connection to a G-d

and to all whom you share love with

and what history taught

commemorate the fight to not live idolizing man

and learn there's Higher Truths

Higher Power

Higher Plans

coz I'm merely a Jew

adhering to 8 days of reception

to the spiritual truth

hearing the youth

also teaching the youth

all these lessons

that I am talking 'bout

have a great Hanukkah Hanukkah Ha

start it now


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Happy Hanukkah

December 2011


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