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Published on Mar 5, 2010

Everyone. This song is not against christians. It's about how people use the name of God for their own agenda!

I'm an atheist, but whether you're christian, muslim or buddhist do not take offence in this song. And those of you, who like me, do not belive in god: This song is not to be taking literally. You should think about some of the stuff he says, like the opening line, "God thinks all blacks are obsolete farm equipment". That was what the whites first claimed. Hitler was against Jews, and said that God was too, Some people claims that whites are like Satan, and so on..
So when he sings, "they know what God thinks" he means that people keep claiming that they know what God really thinks, and then they use it against whoever they dislike.
"first to throw the stone, and use his name for your own protection"


I hope that this will reduce the misunderstanding of the song :)

And remember, you don't have to take religion so seriously all the time, relax and enjoy a good song from a wonderful artist! Peace begins with a smile my brothers and sisters!

Btw: the song is from the album "Almost human"

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Koichi Ahegao
This song: People who use gods name for there own agenda are dick heads Me:yep
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Daniel Santiago
the Flying Spaghetti Monster approves this message
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Olivia Gordon
Voltaire has balls for writing this. XD Nevertheless, I think this is a great song.
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Tony Lyle
I think i know what god is thinking, and i'm sure you can all agree with this, he's thinking: "STOP ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT I'M THINKING!!!"
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This song is amazingly accurate some people don't get it though
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Nice! This has got to be Voltaire's most biting commentary I've seen. It just straight up says that people will always use (their) god to justify their own hateful and cruel beliefs, but if god existed to see it he'd say " You're all a disappointing waste of life and space." Thumbs up.
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Hey, guys! Why not, instead of wondering the REWARDS and PURPOSE of being good, why not just be good for the sake of being good? Don't you all think that the arguments about WHY we're good and what'll HAPPEN if we're good is causing an OPPOSITE REACTION of what we're all trying to say? Who gives a fuck, just do what makes you happy and accept whatever happens, and change if it's a detriment to your health, social life or otherwise. Also, I find it ironic how Christians say "Treat others as you would want them to treat you", yet when some hear someone is an atheist, that rule just goes right out the window, with the Christian badmouthing Atheism, yet when the Atheist brings up a counter-argument, the Christian gets all pissed about "Freedom of Speech", which is a pretty abused law nowadays. Freedom of Speech isn't a free pass for you to bitch at others, and they have no right to counterattack, in fact, they have MORE of a right to counterattack. Also, tell me if this sounds right, "You're doing good things for the wrong reasons." In some situations, that might work, but if there are two people who both have wives, two kids, and are doing pretty well for themselves, they're both living a good life. It doesn't matter what they enjoy or believe in. If they're happy, they're happy. Now you can say I have no right telling you how to live your life. I refer to you to "Freedom of Speech." I will listen, but if you're just going to spout crap about how my life sucks because I don't believe in any god, then I think you're wasting your life worrying about people you don't know jack shit about's life.
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I respect Volataire even more now, from before.
I think it's fairly obvious we all come to our own morality and political views independent of our religions, or lack thereof, and those who use God to defend their views are just projecting what they came up with on their own onto their ideal master of morality. It's pretty simple. If you hate homosexuals, you're gonna hate them whether or not you believe in god. If you hate liberals, you're gonna hate them whether or not you believe in a god. Etc. Etc. In the long run, using your god to justify what you think is right or wrong is the equivalent of saying, "Well dad says I'm right so hah." That didn't work when we were kids, it doesn't work now.
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The basic message of this song is: Shots fired...
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