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Published on Jul 1, 2010

Endurance both in terms of you the viewer watching 538 consecutive crossbow shots, and in terms of how long it took me to make it. Information below!

Music: Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Video Information, as of 11 March 2013
Considering how unexpectedly popular this has become I thought I might address some common queries and observations.

[*]Regarding how long it took to make this video:
This video was made from approximately 4.5 hours of game footage, essentially speed running HL2/Episode 1/Episode 2 using nothing but Crossbow (and yes, I had to bind the giveammo key!). The footage added up to approximately 250GB. I edited the video over the course of about a week, a few hours here and there, my guess is it worked out at around 20 hours editing - outstanding procrastination. The Australians among us might recognise June/July, when I made this, as being right around the time of university exams...funny that, what a coincidence.

[*]Regarding repeated clips and sound re-dubbing:
Contrary to popular belief, there are no repeated clips in this video. There are however quite a few clips which look very similar because I killed several enemies in roughly the same place (e.g. three Combine coming out of the same doorway), and these clips were interspersed throughout to keep the video fairly dynamic in terms of location/enemies. I did not re-dub any sound effects with the exception of the Strider kill at #197. All of the clips (footage/sound effects) were individually trimmed and positioned to match the song.

[*]Regarding the significance of '538':
No significance, that's just how it worked out.

[*] Regarding the crossbow sound at #197 Strider kill:
Originally I had it without the maintained crossbow sound, as some folks have suggested I should've done it, since I wasn't using the crossbow at the time. It sounded bad though, since you've already been listening to Crossbow-augmented Cotton Eye Joe for about 90 seconds, and you're used to the idea that each beat will be the crossbow sound. I didn't like the way it stopped so seemingly arbitrarily, so I put a 'clean' crossbow sound over the top to fill in the gaps.

[*]Regarding the HL2DM clips:
In order to get good variety in my locations I also played some Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. I started out playing online but I found that the crossbow ammo was severely limited and being killed every now and then made recording footage an even more time consuming task. I set up a local server and some bots and hunted them with my crossbow and ammo keybind - about half to two-thirds of the HL2DM clips were done this way, including the very first one.

[*]Regarding the one clip which shows I recorded some Episode 1 footage in GMod:
I don't think anyone has noticed it yet!

[*]Regarding Criken/Front page of Reddit/AOTS etc, and resulting video popularity:
I had no idea this video would become so popular, I just made it to procrastinate (in a seemingly entertaining way?). I am just glad people derive some enjoyment from it! I haven't logged into this account for a long time but I have watched the rise of Crossbow Endurance and read every comment (lurking on Reddit too). So thank you all for your kind words as well!

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Ronny Thomasson
Cant... Stop... Watching...
A buddy of mine asked me to summarize the internet. I showed her this video.
iLostMyKeys iC
Pixelated Dreams
There is no denying that the crossbow in HL2 is extremely fun to use.
Strange Random Guy
Wait a sec, you did it twice ? Awesome my dude.
Here's a challenge someone snapping their fingers to each shot save the final shots to make the name, with video recorded.
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marsel sheme
i came here becose of dodgedlol anyone else ? :D
Thank you for the inspiration; took the concept and added iDubbzTV to it!
omg im out of fcks.
truly a masterpiece wow i only noticed it had a counter in the end lol
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