The Looney Tunes Show Merrie Melodies - "We Are In Love" [HD] + Lyrics





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Published on Oct 18, 2011


Lola: Been thinkin' for a while and there's somethin' I gotta tell you...
Bugs (talking): Eh...I'm kinda busy
Lola: Been thinkin' that our love for each other has grown so very strong...
Bugs (talking): Love? Wait...
Lola: It's plain to see we're building our worlds together...
Bugs (talking) : Uh...Back up for a minute!
Lola: I'm lookin' at your eyes right now and i can tell you feel the same...
Bugs (talking): Your choking me!

(We are in love!)

Lola: I am so in love today!
(We are in love!)
Bugs: I think i'm gonna run away!
(We are in love!)
Bugs: Did you tapped my phone lines?
(We are in love!)
Lola: Yes! I tapped your phone lines!

Bugs: I won't lie... You're a very pretty lady!
Lola (talking): Thank You!
Bugs: But you're crazy, crazy, crazy...You make me wanna move to Bolivia!
Lola (talking): Well, I'll go with you!
Bugs: You know I'm thinkin' I should get a restraining order!
Lola (talking): Those are so hard to enforce!
Bugs: 'Cause your car was parked outside my house...Every night this week!
Lola (talking): Your neighbors are sweet!
Bugs: You're the reason that I have to keep my shades drawn!
Lola (talking): I'll watch you through the chimney!
Bugs: I've install an alarm system with motion beam detectors!
Lola: I have the code!

(We are in love!)

Bugs: Give me just 5 minutes!
(We are in love!)
Lola: I think that was 5 minutes!
(We are in love!)
Bugs: Did you just moved in with me?
(We are in love!)
Lola: Yes! I just moved in with you!
(We are in love!)

Lola (talking): That was our first love song!
Bugs: Aggghhhhhh!

*all rights reserved to "The Looney Toons Show" and of course to Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny!

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Comments • 1,714

Cianay Alvarado
in space jam:bugs is in love with Lola in Looney tunes:Lola is in love with bugs
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MicrosoftPlasma 2007
Bugs is right,He is not in love with Lola,I bet he can use an air soft gun so Lola can leave him alone
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beautyshy mlp
That only means one thing: Lola is a yandere :D
View all 47 replies
an meme
someone remake this but with senpai and yandere-chan here why: I think yandere-chan is in love with senpai and gone too far and stalks senpai and senpai loves her as a friend so im gonna make a video based on this but instead of bugs and lola bunny it gonna be senpai and yandere-chan do prepare yourselfs senpai X yandere-chan shippers cause im gonna make it well once I know how to make an animation video
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Dillon Foe
i actually kinda liked this show.
View all 13 replies
me too
an meme
Dillon Foe I keep seing you
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this brings back embarrassing memories of me singing this over and over in public
View all 10 replies
Zapp Brannigan
same 😂😂😂 some dude thought I was singing it to him
Marvus Cabbell
Sebastian Stosegan 🆒
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saif aldhahry
WOW her voice is sooooo beautiful in this song.
View all 11 replies
Neil Odyssey
saif aldhahry Her voice in Chinese dub version is also lovely. http://m.cctv.com/dc/v/index.shtml?guid=04cca61fc5954f579c9b9b6c543d4875&code=undefined
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Sonic and Amy Rose in a nutshell.
View all 20 replies
Virgoinfinte 98
CJTheLegend ii
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Isaiah Rivers
I'm getting a Sonic and Amy vibe from this.
View all 6 replies
Aaron Anderson
Isaiah Rivers yep
Michael Matias
Isaiah Rivers Oh yea you eight
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"Did you just move in with me!?" "Yes I just moved in with you!" Where was Daffy when this was happening!?
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Farah Ahmad
That was what I was thinking too! XD
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alexis evans
Who's watching in 2015??
View all 39 replies
GrimGhoulDylan add last name here
alexis evans I'm watching in 2017
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Andrea Hines NETWORK
Lola has a beautiful singing voice!
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Creative Name
she's a professional singer
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