1. The Real Life Wolf Man

  2. The Ultimate Hottest Chicken Challenge

  3. Halloween Chip Or Treat! New York Chip Shop Deep Fries Treats For Halloween

  4. World's Oldest Dad Has Second Child At 96 Years Old

  5. Flaming Football: Indonesian Students Play Football With Fiery Coconut

  6. The Human Hamster Wheel: Chris Todd To Cross The Irish Sea Using A 'Tredalo'

  7. Baby Giraffe at South African Farm

  8. Miracle Survivor Dan Hunt Slacklining 150 Feet Above Certain Death

  9. Woman With Europe's Biggest Feet

  10. Mini Muscle Man Romeo Dies Age 23

  11. Daredevil Kayaks Down Glacier

  12. Giant Python Is The Longest Pet In The UK

  13. My Best Friend The Grizzly Bear

  14. World's First Jet Pack Wedding!

  15. 11 Year Old Scooter Whizz

  16. MetroCard Mosaics Of New York

  17. One Of The World's Smallest Dogs

  18. Bikini Models Promote Miss Dairy Cow Pageant In China

  19. Russian Daredevils Risk Life And Limb

  20. Vertical Skydiving World Record

  21. Man Crosses The Alps Using Helium Balloons

  22. The Smoking Chimp

  23. Incredible Miniature Chateau Antoinette To Sell For Five Figure Sum

  24. World's Tallest Couple Give Birth To 3rd Child

  25. My Pet: A Tiger

  26. Britain's Tallest Horse

  27. The World's Most Controversial Pet Shop

  28. Cat Born With Backwards Legs Is Now Walking!

  29. Who Needs A Car When You Have Pet Camels!

  30. Bath Time With A Polar Bear

  31. The $1000 Pizza

  32. Girl Vs Horse

  33. Most Extreme Martial Arts in India - Bir Khalsa Gatka Sikhs

  34. Fattest Cat in the World: Massive Moggie Garfield Takes The Title Of World's Fattest Cat

  35. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata: The Worlds Most Expensive Omelette

  36. Homemade Wind-Powered Car In Beijing

  37. Fattest Cat In The World?

  38. Pippa Middleton Bum Surgery: Woman Gets Pippa Middleton Bottom

  39. Shocking North Korean Animal Circus Show

  40. The Vice Lolly: A Gun Shaped Lolly Made Of Holy Water And Absinthe

  41. Ape Makes A Fire: Kanzi The Bonobo Makes A Campfire

  42. Underwater Art

  43. Abstainer Julie Ginther

  44. Sergio Goldvarg's Batmobile Collection

  45. The Worlds Most Expensive Icecream

  46. Dog And Tiger Cub Best Friends

  47. The World's Strongest Kids

  48. Oldest Woman To Give Birth To Twins

  49. The Worlds Toughest 10 Year Old

  50. The Subway Sculptor

  51. Twin Sisters And Cousin Share The Same Husband

  52. Snake Charming Kids: India Snake Charming

  53. 'Walking With Lions' - One Of The Most Dangerous Wildlife Tours In The World

  54. Man Covers Himself In 330,000 Bees

  55. Corky, The Kitten With Backward Legs

  56. Cheetah Cub And Labrador Puppy Best Of Pals

  57. We Have 18 Children!

  58. Leopard Plays With Newborn Steenbok

  59. Pregnant Man Goes Bankrupt But Still Wants Fourth Child

  60. Cakes Of Sylvia Weinstock

  61. The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear: Grizzly Man

  62. The Real Elephant Man

  63. Real Life Beetlejuice

  64. First Person View Of A Lion Encounter: Fearless Alex Larenty

  65. Supersize Susanne Eman Finds Love

  66. Homemade Jet Powered Go-Kart World Record Attempt

  67. Controversial Baby Dynamics Yoga

  68. The Religion Of Dudeism

  69. The Smallest Athlete in The World

  70. Cute Animal Best Friend: Themba The Hyena

  71. Touching Footage Of Elephants "Saying Goodbye" To Dead Young

  72. Calvin Inman, Tears Of Blood

  73. The 5 Year Old Skydiver

  74. Incredible Footage From The Top Of The World's Tallest Building

  75. My Pet Crocodile

  76. The Incredible Indian Snake Girl

  77. Stray Afghanistan Dogs Start New Life In USA

  78. The Smallest Woman In The World

  79. New York's Real Life Female Superhero

  80. Bunny Hopping

  81. Britiain's Fattest Teenager Loses 24 Stone

  82. Elephant Massage

  83. Twelve Year Old Kevin Martin Suffers From Dwarfism and Neurofibromatosis

  84. Orphaned Elephant Calves Have Human Baby Handlers

  85. We Live In A Multi Million Pound Mansion For Free

  86. Chocolate Sculptures By Hakan Martensson

  87. Micro Pigs And Their Friends

  88. The 2 Million Dollar Doll Collection


  90. The Man That Celebrates Christmas Every Day!

  91. Hudson River Survivor Trains To Be Pilot

  92. The World's Largest Congregation Of Whale Sharks

  93. The Monkey Family

  94. The UK's Biggest Feet: Teenager Carl Griffiths

  95. The East Anglian Rocketry Society

  96. Eskil Ronningsbakken Balancing On A Trapeze Below A Hot Air Balloon

  97. Don Johnson Spends £168,118.50 In London's Biggest Single Nightclub Spend

  98. Elephant Gives Birth After 2 Year Pregnancy

  99. 15 Elephants Stranded By Flood Water In Thailand