Look At Me Now Cover Busta Rhymes Verse Remix with Violin & Pool Table by Pat Noonan LYRICS BELOW





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Published on Apr 14, 2011

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Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne
Look At Me Now Cover by Pat Noonan
The Busta Rhymes Verse

The first time I heard Look At Me Now by Chris Brown featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne I knew I had to cover Busta's verse so I grabbed my acoustic and got to work. Sadly nothing was working so I went back to the original to look for ideas. After listening to the song more and more I recognized the snare sounded a lot like the sound of the break at the beginning of a pool game. I set up a mic next to my pool table and sure enough the sound worked. Then my mission became figuring out how to replace each sound in the original song with acoustic sounds. I came up with something for each part except the synth "water drop" type sound, but luckily the very beginning of the original song starts out with that part by itself so I was able to sample and loop it. Also I recorded electric bass but there was no time in the video to add fit the footage in there.

I've been a big fan of Busta Rhymes for many years and for good reason, he's consistently put out quality tracks for so many years, not to mention he's hilarious! (Just watch a few youtube videos of him in the studio, it's too good.) So I gotta give big props to Busta Rhymes for inspiring this ridiculous cover, this one goes out to you Busta, hopefully I did your verse some justice. Also a big thanks to Kevin Hansen, I handed my Rebel T2i over to him and he helped out with all the filming, couldn't of done it without you man. And one last thing, if you can think of any songs with beats that you think could be recreated with different instruments like in this vid leave it a comment below, I'd love to hear from you! I was thinking of No Diggity by Blackstreet from back in the day, that might be a good one. Anyway sorry for such a long video description for such a short video, thanks for checking it out!

The last thing I ever wanna do is be offensive or ignorant so when I started working with this song I decided to change a few of the words, here's the lyrics as I did them in this video (the syllables that are capitalized were to remind me which syllables to stress when I was first learning Busta's verse, I left it that way here in case it helps anyone else out there that's trying to rap along with Busta)

Let's GO!!!
cause I'm FEELin like I'm RUNnin
and I'm FEELin like I GOTta get aWAY, get aWAY, get aWAY
better KNOW that I DON'T and I WON'T ever STOP
cause you know I gotta WIN every DAY DAY

SEE the way they REALly wanna POP me
JUST KNOW THAT you will never FLOP me
and I KNOW that I could BE a little COCKy,
you ain't NEver gonna STOP me

another gotta SET it
then I gotta GO
and then I gotta GET it
then I gotta BLOW
and then I gotta SHUTter
any little THING
another think that he be DOin
cause it doesn't MATter
cause I'm gonna DUH-DUH-DUH-DUH

THEN I'm gonna MURder everyTHING and anyTHING
a-bada-BOOM a-bada-BING I gotta DO a lot of THINGS
and make it CLEARer to a couple PEOPLE
that I ALWAYS win and then I GOTta get it aGAIN and aGAIN and then aGAIN

and I be DOin it to DEATH and now I MOVE a little FOUL
another BETter call a REF, and everyBODY know my STYLE
because they KNOW that I'm the BEST
when it COME to doing THIS and I be BANGing on my CHEST
and I BANG in the EAST and I'm BANGIN in the WEST
and I COME to give you MORE and I will NEVER give you LESS
you will HEAR it in the STREET or you could READ it in the PRESS
do you REALly wanna KNOW whats NEXT
(Let's GO!!!)

SEE the way we ON and then we ALL up in the RACE
and you KNOW we gotta GO now try to KEEP up with the PACE
and we STRUGgling and HUStling and SETting in and GETting in
we always gotta DO it take it TO another PLACE
gotta TASTE it
and I gotta GRAB it
and I gotta CUT all THROUGH this TRAFfic
JUST to BE at the TOP of the THRONE
better know I gotta HAVE IT

One last thing, there's a cover of the full song by Karmin that's definitely worth checking out:


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