USAF Stratotankers, Chemtrail Grids & UFO Orbs





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Published on Mar 19, 2012

Investigative Report - Are military aircraft part of a covert aerosol spraying program? What is the connection between chemtrails & UFO Orb sightings? Are Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) used to guide planes and energize metallic aerosols?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Romoland & Hemet, CA - Heavy aerosol spraying reported across Southern California. "Jet Cirrus" clouds formed grid line patterns over Riverside County. In addition to the excessive air traffic in the sky, there seemed to be a lot of large planes flying in and out of March Joint Air Reserve Base.

Video timeline quick-links:
0:01 Google map location of March Joint Air Reserve Base in proximity to Romoland & Hemet, California.
0:12 USAF aircraft comes in for a landing. Plane appears to be a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC-135R_...
0:42 A solid grey plane leaves a long trail parallel to an expanded jet cirrus cloud.
1:40 Another plane is simultaneously spraying parallel chemtrails in the distance forming a series of grid lines.
2:00 The first plane makes a sharp left turn to the east.
2:08 Another plane comes in for a landing at March.
2:40 And another plane comes in to land approximately 12 minutes later.
3:12 A plane rising just after take off.
3:22 Close up views of yet another plane coming in for a landing about 6 minutes after the previous one.
3:26 Plane with "normal-sized" contrail passes across massive spread out chemtrail plume. Note how much a "persistent contrail" can expand and linger. This plane starts spraying in the jet cirrus cloud and continues on.
3:50 UFO Orb passes over the spray plane and hovers.
4:00 Replay with increased contrast.
4:08 Quarter-speed replay with emboss filter.
4:38 Over the horizon expanded chemtrail plumes white out the entire sky.
4:44 Two planes flying parallel leave chemtrail line segments and dark beam shadows.
4:56 These new lines intersect massive parallel expanded chemtrails and form a boxed grid pattern.
5:20 Black lines or "dark beam" shadow lines appear to connect the chemtrail line segments.
5:32 As a plane leaves a very long line parallel to a previously spread out chemtrail, another plane crosses the trail and speeds up along side of the trail as if in a race.
6:22 More Unidentified Flying Objects appear.
6:38 Replay at quarter-speed.
8:02 The jets close in on each other as a third plane flies in from behind and leaves a chemtrail next to the first two parallel lines.
8:56 The first two planes curve left to the east together and cross paths again.
9:18 The third plane follows the first two as the three chemtrail lines expand and overlap each other.
9:45 The third plane also curves left and crosses the previous trail.
10:22 The three chemtrails spread out and combine to form a wide blanket trail.
10:38 Views from all directions show a sky full of man-made jet cirrus trails and not a single naturally forming cloud.


According to Wikipedia;
March is currently home to nine C-17 Globemaster IIIs, which belong strictly to the Air Force Reserve Command, as well as twelve KC-135R Stratotankers. The tankers were the first in the Air Force Reserve to convert to the Block 40 Pacer CRAG modernization upgrade.


Side-note: Wikipedia has a picture of the retired C-141 Strlifter with the caption, "A C-141B Starlifter aircraft leaves four contrails behind it as it prepares for an airdrop during Operation Deep Freeze."

Military Whistleblowers Wanted!
It is your duty to inform the people of the United States (and the world) of planetary geoengineering schemes, weather control & modification operations, and any clandestine chemical, biological, nuclear or other experimental aerial dumping on US! Please disclose knowledge of advanced propulsion technology used by the military and/or extraterrestrial alien vehicles.

More info and full photo gallery available here:

SoCal SkyWatch - Southern California Sky Watchers



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