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Published on Jan 4, 2011

Edwin Hubble provided the experimental evidence for an expanding universe. He used doppler shift measurements of the light from distant stars to show the relationship between a star's distance and the rate at which it is receding from us.

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Intro: Edwin Hubble was an American astronomer who first noted the relationship between a stars distance and the rate at which it is receding from us. This relationship, the Hubble Constant, provides evidence that the universe is expanding, allows for theories of whether the universe will continue to expand, and suggests that our current universe must have started as a dense mass 13 billion years ago - and that it was kick started with a bang.


Hubble here but please call me Ed
My discoveries outlive me in your in your head
i used wake up when you go to bed
through the telescope the night sky i tread
train my scope on the most distant galaxies
so faint so faint the bare eye cannot see
yet I capture light from the star-break it apart
spectral analysis is where i've made my mark
see red-shifted lines in absorption spectra
calculate velocity shift of stars- AH bless ya!
its made possible using Einstein's laws
we observe that the stare are receding PAUSE
from a bit of light you know from us the stars are fading
my dear old Edwin you must be crazy
I'm stark raving mad for what do i see
the further the star the greater the velocity
the universe it seems to be expanding
computers make these calculations non-demanding
using a stars mass and the laws of gravity
we back calculate each stars trajectories
but i'm not done - i've got a bigger impact
I looked back in time using current rates and mass
If the universe is expanding at a given rate
can we back calculate to find the date
at which time all the mass was compressed
13 billion years is the date that fits best
it was then that began the shot that rang
round the universe - we call it the big bang.

from redshifted light get the constant hubble
see the universe as an expanding bubble
backward in time the bubble does shrink
to a point mass that represents the brink
of knowledge, perhaps what can be known
we live in a most mysterious home
with keen insight and vision we may see
into deep space beyond human mortality
of fundamental rules of physics, of dark matter
of galactic cores seen with clever light patterns
though I'm gone i've left with fame
cosmologists will forever know my name
as the old poem asks if we've got enough mass
in which case a fiery crunch will come to pass
or whether our low mass will pay the price
and we will expand forever until we ice

though future physicists will determine the fate of the bubble
you will forever remember the name of Hubble


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