A Taylor Story: Season 3 Episode 8





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Uploaded on Aug 24, 2010


Miranda- Umm............
Blake- Hi. *kisses her as he comes in*
Miranda- *pushes him off* Get the hell off of me!
Blake- I love you
Miranda- You're drunk!
Blake- I want to be with you
Miranda- Sorry. I'm only looking out for me and my son
Blake- You have a son!? With who?!
Miranda- Yes I have a son! He's 11 and with Tom
Blake- Gossin!?
Miranda- Yeah
Blake- Take me back
Miranda- No! I want you to leave my house now!
Blake- But-------
Miranda- NOW BLAKE!
Blake- *goes to the door* You'll be sorry! *slams the door*
Miranda- *locks it* I doubt it. *goes back to bed*

*With 3 Guys*

Joe- Uh, what?
Mike- *whispers in his ear*
Trace- Understand now?
Joe- We can't do that
Mike- Why not?
Joe- Cause I dont want to
Trace- You'll do it or else!

*The Next Day*

Doctor- Hi Taylor
Taylor- Hi
Doctor- We have Ian and Haedyn ready for you
Taylor- Alright. *picks up both of them in the carriers* Can I see Bridget?
Doctor- Sorry but we're doing tests today so tomorrow okay?
Taylor- Alright

*Back Home*

Taylor- *laying down the babies* Shhhhh
Ian- *starts crying*
Taylor- C'mon. Got to take you out so you dont wake up your sister and uncle
Ian- *crying*
Taylor- Calm down honey. *her cell rings* Hello?
Taylor L- Hi honey. HOw are ya?
Taylor- Ah, fine
Taylor L- I need to run something by you
Taylor- What?
Taylor L- I'm bringing 8 people home from the set
Taylor- I dont know. I mean, the babies just got home, the house is a mess and I'm super tired
Taylor L- Please?
Taylor- Okay. As long as you help me
Taylor L- Deal

*Later That Night*

Taylor L- *opens the door* Taylor!
Taylor- *walks out* shhh! There are 3 babies that are asleep
Taylor L- Sorry
Taylor- What's with the beer?
Taylor L- We're gonna drink
Taylor- We're? Who's we're and you promised to help me
Taylor L- Come in guys
Taylor- Taylor!
Taylor L- Honey, I will help
Taylor- *sees who comes in* The Vampires?
Taylor L- Yeah
Taylor- Oh. Well, hi everyone
Nikki- Hey
Taylor- Now I know Rob and Kristen but who are the rest?
Taylor L- That's Peter. He plays Carlisle. Elizabeth plays Esme, Kellan plays Emmett, Nikki plays Rosalie, Jackson plays Jasper and Ashley plays Alice
Taylor- I just needed to know their names, not who they play
Ashley- Are your babies okay?
Rob- Yeah. We heard you had them 2 months early
Taylor- Yeah and I had 3
Jackson- You had 3?!
Taylor- Yeah
Peter- Are all 3 home?
Taylor- Only Ian and Haedyn are but Bridget is still in the hospital. She's not doing to well
Elizabeth- I'm so sorry
Kellan- Me too
Taylor- Its fine
Taylor L- Lets drink!
Taylor- *looks at him like OMG*

1: Will Taylor end up helping her?
2: I spy a fight happening soon. What will it be about?


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