EVIDENCE!!!!! GOOGLE EARTH HUGE UFO,Galactic Federation of Light?





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Uploaded on Oct 6, 2008

I recorded these images on October 2nd. What I saw amazed me.
If anyone has these images as well please post them!
This may be the galactic federation of light ship!!!!

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to address all of you after reading some of your comments. I'm glad to see there is a good discussion going on. However, I am disappointed to see that on occasions the discussion has escalated to aggression. First of all, I want to say I am not associated with light workers or any group that channels aliens. As I mentioned in the video I am an objective observer who happened to record something amazing and wanted to share it. I have nothing to gain from this video. Do you see this video linked to a website? No, as you can see there are no advertisements attached to my video. I have nothing to gain by making this video. In fact I have never given nor will ever give money to any group that channels aliens. Don't buy T-shirts or books! Because if Blossom Goodchild is correct about October 14th, there will be no need for money anymore. This being said, do I think Blossom Goodchild is right about October 14th? In response, I will state as a fact that there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Observed so far are 125 billion galaxies. If the average number of stars in a galaxy is 100 billion that's
12,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars presently in the known Universe.
Also, we need to take into account the entire history of the Universe and all stars that are now extinguished. This includes a time before our Sun even existed (Our sun formed after a larger star went supernova...look it up!). We already know most stars have planets Therefore, since the number of solar systems is so large, and our solar system is so young, and given we do not understand everything about the science of the Universe (sometimes we think we do). I say it is almost certain that other more advanced life forms exist with the ability to travel interstellar distance, have telepathy and have developed even more technologies that are too numerous to mention. Think about it, we have only utilized modern science for about 100 years. How advanced would we be in 1,000 years, 1 million years, 1 billion years! It is also logical that an alliance of space faring beings would be more beneficial then malevolent types of relationships. Therefore, an entity like the described Galactic Federation of Light has an extremely high probability of existing. Now we should ask ourselves, is this time in our history appropriate for aliens to make first contact? Given that the world is about to proceed into a global depression, the most powerful countries are squabbling for dominance, the planet is gripped by the fear of terrorism. I say it is a necessary time for aliens to come help if we are to avoid the hardships that are ahead. I ask you friends to put aside the fear and ignorance that has been forced upon by the various institutions you hold dear to your heart. Believe they do not have your benefit in mind, only your money. Give in to the deepest truth that everything you know you are apart of, you are one. The Universe echoes this truth through all its being. The connection of all things on Earth through DNA, the oneness of all particles in the universe existing together in a singularity before the big bang, these truths are pieces to the puzzle that is the bigger picture. I beseech you, come and watch this video with a logical and open mind, go and seek out other sources, saturate yourself with knowledge then make your decision.
As for me, I will be looking up on October 14th, will you be joining me?

Yes to Peace, No to Hate


Some of you need to read up on meta-materials. We have already developed a way to cloak an object from microwave frequencies.
While ufos are invisible in the range of visible light. They are not invisible to other frequencies such as microwave and infrared. They can only be invisible to one set of frequencies at a time. Therefore, the frequency that the satellites use to detect water in the atmosphere can detect the spacecraft. Therefore, google earth has to crop these objects out of the overlay. My theory is sometimes they crop cleanly around the object which resembles its shape. Other times there may be a lot of smaller craft activity around the mother ships and they then have to crop out larger sections of the overlay. So to answer your questions yes the ships are invisible to people but not to the scanning frequencies of the satellites.


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