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Chinese leadership takes on an increasingly assertive tone





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Uploaded on Mar 15, 2010

With its growing economic might, China is seen as increasingly turning away from the West and its demands for reform. This shift was reflected in some tough talk this weekend by the Chinese premier, as the annual meeting of China's parliament drew to a close. For more, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Michael Kulma.


  1. 1

    At home with Moroccan champions

  2. 2

    Migrants stranded en route to Europe

  3. 3

    Moroccan hip-hop group fuses traditional music with rap

  4. 4

    Traditions thrive in remote island chain of Tonga

  5. 5

    Ethiopian marathon runner fueled by homeland

  6. 6

    South Yemeni separatists continue agitating for secession

  7. 7

    Tonga grapples with forces of man and nature

  8. Chinese leadership takes on an increasingly assertive tone

  9. 9

    Catholic Church grapples with sex crimes in Germany

  10. 10

    Maldivian leader sees peril and promise in countrys future

  11. 11

    Creeping seas threaten tiny island chain of Maldives

  12. 12

    Week in Review: Middle East peace process

  13. 13

    Bloody attacks by Islamic militants rock Pakistan

  14. 14

    Caribbean nations fear ill effects of climate change

  15. 15

    Asian workers rising from top to bottom

  16. 16

    Tentative talks resume in the Middle East

  17. 17

    Jordanian advocate fights against puppy mills

  18. 18

    Iraqi prime minister's coalition reportedly takes early lead

  19. 19

    People around the world honor International Women's Day

  20. 20

    Turkey outraged by House resolution on Armenian genocide

  21. 21

    Week in Review: Iraq prepares for Sunday's elections

  22. 22

    Israeli-Palestinian talks could start as early as Sunday

  23. 23

    U.S. military makes plans for massive Kandahar offensive

  24. 24

    Arab League gives Abbas green light for indirect talks

  25. 25

    Greeks struggle with draconian cutbacks

  26. 26

    Violence erupts in Iraq, killing at least 30 people

  27. 27

    Chileans mobilize to face earthquake damage

  28. 28

    Former Bosnian Serb leader defends himself in the Hague

  29. 29

    Chile reels from massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake

  30. 30

    Week in Review: Dubai assassination, Afghanistan offensive

  31. 31

    Series of Taliban bomb attacks rock the Afghan capital

  32. 32

    Afghan government claims control of Taliban stronghold

  33. 33

    Wall Street firms play a role in Greece's financial crisis

  34. 34

    Turkish government arrests alleged coup conspirators

  35. 35

    Economic contagion spreads throughout Eurozone

  36. 36

    Top U.S. commander seeks forgiveness for civilian deaths

  37. 37

    Western hemisphere leaders challenge U.S. dominance

  38. 38

    In Canada's Arctic, finding hope with the help of a circus

  39. 39

    Civilian casualties continue to mar Afghanistan war effort

  40. 40

    Cyber-security risks test U.S. government preparedness

  41. 41

    New info surfaces about Iran nukes and dissent crackdown

  42. 42

    Week in Review: Afghanistan and Pakistan

  43. 43

    Dalai Lama meets Obama for private chat in Map Room

  44. 44

    NATO's new Afghanistan strategy focuses on Marjah

  45. 45

    Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassins leave trail of clues

  46. 46

    Colombian right-wing militias accused of rights abuses

  47. 47

    Violent paramilitary groups resurface in Colombia

  48. 48

    Mexican economy hard hit by drop in U.S. remittances

  49. 49

    U.S., Pakistan reap benefits of cooperation against Taliban

  50. 50

    Cuban trade embargo continues to impair bilateral relations

  51. 51

    NATO offensive clears Taliban stronghold in Helmand

  52. 52

    Week in Review: Debt crisis in Greece and Irans nukes

  53. 53

    South of the border, the drug war rages out of control

  54. 54

    Massive Tehran rallies commemorate Islamic Revolution

  55. 55

    Iraqi refugee family struggles to earn livelihood in Syria

  56. 56

    Iranians arrested in advance of Revolution's anniversary

  57. 57

    Nigeria violence may have claimed lives of innocent civilians

  58. 58

    Toyota seeks to make amends for engineering defects

  59. 59

    Iran moves steadily closer to nuclear power goals

  60. 60

    Examining the motives behind traditional honor killings

  61. 61

    Economic troubles in Eurozone may spread elsewhere

  62. 62

    Week in Review: China and the United States

  63. 63

    On World Cancer Day, fighting back against cigarette use

  64. 64

    Toyota troubles may reverbate beyond the company

  65. 65

    Global auto industry slowly adapts to alternative energy

  66. 66

    Ahmadinejad's compromise offer met with skepticism

  67. 67

    'Bootleg' electric cars thrive in Chinas second-tier cities

  68. 68

    Haiti's children vulnerable to human traffickers

  69. 69

    Evaluating the treatment of homosexuals across Africa

  70. 70

    Vietnam sentences dissidents to long prison terms

  71. 71

    U.S. reevaluates large troop presence in Japan

  72. 72

    Week in Review: Negotiating with the Taliban

  73. 73

    Can local militias fight the Taliban in Afghanistan?

  74. 74

    Obama and the World: China

  75. 75

    World powers ponder Yemen's problems

  76. 76

    Obama and the World: Relations between U.S. and Russia

  77. 77

    Obama and the World: The Global Economy

  78. 78

    With purported new bin Laden tape, al-Qaeda resurfaces

  79. 79

    U.N. aid worker recounts rescue after 5 days under rubble

  80. 80

    Obama and the World: Afghanistan and Pakistan

  81. 81

    Money and politics at issue in countries around the world

  82. 82

    Week in Review: Obamas First Year in Office

  83. 83

    Obama and the World: Middle East Peace Process

  84. 84

    In global recession, China continues breakneck expansion

  85. 85

    Haitian government struggles to restore political control

  86. 86

    Obama and the World: Latin America

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