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Uploaded on Jun 11, 2013

On 23rd May 2013 NSPCA
Pieterse and Wilson raided Happy Yappers.

In violation of their warrant, they brought Cora Bailey with staff and helpers from "CLAW" onto our property to assist with capturing and removing the animals.

Seven dogs were taken away and killed by NSPCA

The warrant empowered the NSPCA to seize animals if it was

"reasonably necessary to prevent cruelty
or suffering of such animals"

Please view the following videos and see for yourself if the dogs they seized were "suffering" in any sense of the word.

The two brothers in this first clip both carry a congenital defect known as "cow hocks". This caused them to walk differently to other dogs, but as you will see, they were entirely mobile, well fed and happy guys


On a previous visit to Happy Yappers, Insp Pieterse had instructed that one of these dogs be examined by a vet, which had been done, and Happy Yappers has proof that the vet's report was faxed to him by due date. He denied having received it, and took the dog in any case.

After one of the Happy Yappers supporters pointed out to Insp Pieterse that he had already been sent this report, the Inspector asked members of the SAPS whom he had brought with him to remove the supporter from the property, which they sensibly declined to do.

The report was again faxed to NSPCA on the evening of the raid, but in vain, because sadly they still killed both dogs.

Then there was a little black dog that struggled so bravely to save himself.

Eventually after being chased, man handled and half throttled for almost 5 minutes, he was overpowered and carried off to meet his sad and unnecessary end.

A big handsome boerbull cross was also seized.

Look at the strength and agility this huge guy displayed, and ask yourself if he was suffering?


A black labrador cross (kennel mate of the boerbull) was also taken. Observe the stamina he showed in a long chase as he tried to evade capture.

VIDEO FOOTAGE of the black lab:

Another dog that was taken was suffering from a minor skin ailment, for which he was being dipped weekly with Ectodex.

NSPCA Inspector Wilson stated that the dog should have been dipped daily.

The manufacturer however specifies that repeat dippings should be done 7 -- 10 days apart, and expert advice sought suggests that daily dipping could be harmful to the dog.

So just how qualified are these NSPCA personnel to make life or death decisions about other people's animals?

One dog with long nails was also carried off to it's death.

Following seizure of these animals, Happy Yappers formally and in writing requested the opportunity of having them re-assed by a second vet of very high repute and qualifications.

The request was not so much as replied to.

The animals were instead destroyed and disposed off. Could this be because the NSPCA knew that the animals had in fact been unlawfully seized in terms of the warrant, and needed to dispose of any evidence?

An e-mail sent to NSPCA by Happy Yappers on 30th May requesting a meeting to discuss this matter, as well as any problems that NSPCA have with Happy Yappers, was also not replied to.

Which brings us to the big question.

Was the NSPCA themselves not guilty of cruelty to animals for removing these animals from their place of safety and wantonly killing them.

Another the big question.

How is it that in our land there is an organisation, vested with extreme powers of life and death over the animals of South Africa and their owners, that are allowed to operate without accountability or transparency, and against whom there is not even the chance of an appeal?

Do you think that this is constitutional?

Nor do we.

If you would like to know more about Happy Yappers (NPO 119 -- 872), and the problems that this little organisation has faced over the years, particularly from the NSPCA, please view our Facebook page which is now open to all.

If you would like to assist us, please make a donation to our bank account:

Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary
Standard Bank, Key West
Account no: 02 142 8980

Thank you from animals and their carers at Happy Yappers


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