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Published on Apr 25, 2012

Young justice Episode 26
The Team arrive at the Cave, and are informed by Batman that Red Arrow is a Roy Harper clone who replaced the original 3 years ago and has tried to betray the Justice League to Vandal Savage. Just as Red Tornado tries to infect Aqualad with Starro biotech, he immediately shuts down. Suspicious of this strange situation, the Team split up: Aqualad, Artemis, Miss Martian, and Superboy try to track down Red Arrow (who has gone on the run) while Kid Flash, Robin, Rocket, and Zatanna investigate what is wrong with a malfunctioning Red Tornado. Once his consciousness is transferred to his humanoid body, Black Canary shows up and attacks, but is quickly subdued. As the team evacuate Mount Justice, Tornado explains that the entire League is under the control of Vandal Savage. The Team plot an attack on the Watchtower in an attempt to ambush the League members individually and expose them to a reverse-engineered cure to the Starro biotech. After a fierce battle, they succeed, and Savage and Klarion (who was pulling the strings on the controlled League members) flee.
January 1: Realizing it's New Year's Day, the Team celebrates and romance blossoms between several members. Later, Superman and Superboy have a heart-to-heart talk. The Light storm the Cadmus facility and apprehend Match and the real Roy Harper (who's missing his right arm). Robin alerts some of the other heroes to the fact that six Justice League members (Batman, Hawkwoman, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman) whereabouts for 16 hours while under Savage's control cannot be accounted for.

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Imagine if Superboy missed and threw Robin at Superman instead. SPLAT
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Master Cortez
._. Why haven't Robin and Superboy been given medals for beating the most OP ass mofos in the league?
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Voullderaw VD
Master_Cortez well gotta say.. thats the worst joke i ever heard lmao
Amitabha Kusari
Batman's biggest weapon is his brain,which he is not fully in control of in this situation,superman needs all his willpower to be able to withstand kryptonite.how does this not make the fight on unequal terms
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lando W
Instead of complaining about who should have won we should be complaining about this show not getting a 3rd season. How the fuck can teen titans go keep going and Young Justice can't. Cartoon Network is full of shit.
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Kevlar Suit
lando W Season 3 is confirmed, but I agree how TAG shouldn't be praised for its shit
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Why are there so many complaints about Batman and Superman being beaten here? It was explicitly stated that the mind control was severely nerfing them, they were painting the walls with both Superboy and Robin 1v1, Superman was exposed to Kryptonite, and Batman didn't even get beaten; he was KO'd by that thing Robin put on him, which he couldn't defend against because not only Robin was above him while freefalling, but he was stunned by a Robin kick+Superboy throw. What's to hate?
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Mohanul Aahil
Clearly your mad
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I don't get why people are getting upset. I mean, A) They were remotely controlled, and Batman's real "super power" is his brains. The "Batman can beat anyone because he's Batman" is getting tiresome and honestly doesn't even apply here since he wasn't in control. Superman took out Ms. Martian, An intergalactic artificially intelligent Sphere, and a super strong Wolf-- and B) The sidekick duo were getting their butts handed to them, and they were only lasting as long as they did because the hero duo were remote controlled. The sidekicks got A LUCKY shot, and used special chips to knock them out. It wasn't a battle of wits or anything for bats and supes got kyrptonite owned. The kids didn't even defeat them physically either. Why is it such a big deal that the kids managed to win against-pretty much zombified- superman and batman? It was essentially a game of freeze tag. Sure supermAn could take them all out, but when they have kyrptonite--- AND INSTANT knock out chips specially made for you, then no. Superman couldn't win against a clone of himself, a super smart techie martial artist, and a team full of other powered up kids. Batman if he had prepared could-- but hey so could Nightwing/Robin.
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sam robacker
Captain Guniverse this is old,but I like Superboy a lot. hes not over powdered and actually understands gray morals and is more human than superman. my only issue is when he hooks back up with Miss M (I dont aprove of the relationship but story-wise it made sense in s1, and in s2 it pays off when he realizes what she's been doing to him). but I think he should've gone on to date Wendy in that it would give him a reason to take an interest in having a life outside of superheroing. he's only Conner Kent because he has to have a legal name and shows no interest in being a normal person- given how he was raised this also makes sense, but it also would be nice to see him find some happiness being normal, or try to.
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Rick Grimes
I'm so whelmed.
R.A. Klein II
Cameron Freet
me too
Boo Ooob
Im wondering if you people watched the same fight I just watched? Robin and SB got their asses handed to them easily. So what did they do? Well sb threw Robin at an extreme high speed at which Batman wasn't able to Dodge and took a hard hit to the gut. And we all know Superman is a weak motherfucker around kryptonite. Stop bitching...
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coyote starrk
lol robin and Superboy did not land one hit
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Dr. Fist
who wants to petition to get this show back on the air?
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Matthew Wrench
svntrs Actually we've won. lol
Ja'Quan Greene
Dr. Fist its comming back
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Superman would have solo'd  them all.
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Cyrus Johnson
People are complaining about how Robin and Superboy won against Batman and Superman, but it wasn't Batman and Superman fighting they were being controlled, it clearly states that in the episode.
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DC Universe
Yeah, they didn't have to beat them, they just needed to free Batman and Superman from the Light's mind control.
Numayr Rahman
+Numayr Rahman I meant thinking
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