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Uploaded on Feb 9, 2012


********This build is for PvP! I highly recommend this build!********

This build is called...well, the "Divine Knight" for RPers. But for PvPers we will call this "The Sweeper!"

*sweep sweep sweep*

INTRO! This build is very similar to Ragestorm, except the skill of choice with this build is Sweeping Strikes(Swapping Void Knight's "Ragestorm for Paladin's "Sweeping Strike"). You also pick up a full heal with Touch of Life that's on a 5 minute cool down, range stun with Light's Hammer, and extra block with Shield of the Hero(Buff) and Stalwart Shield(Passive). I was enjoying PvEing with this build while running around Ember Isle doing quest solo. This is also a great build for PvP, mostly groupPvP due to the high amount of AOE potential and spreading Lingering Wounds like a plague.
Give it a try! :)

THE BUILD!(OLD!) - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1ck...

THE UPDATED BUILD FOR PvP!(NEW!) - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1ch...
NOTE! Since we are all given Break Free at level 1 now, you no longer have to go 16 in the Paladin tree to get a CC breaker! So I put those 4 points in the champion tree to max out Intense Training and get Bloodthirst!


THE OTHER PVP BUILD! http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1ch...
NOTE! Go 32 in the Riftblade tree for Windspear(Silence)! You pick up Fork so you can Fork+Windspear to AOE silence three targets!

Parse:3k+ AOE

1). Only try to use "Sweeping Strikes" when you have your Two-Hander equipped.
2). Swap between your Two-Hander/Sword & Board macros when needed!
3). Only use Touch of Life when you know it will..."Change the tide" of the battle, don't waste it while getting zerg'd or 1 vs. 5!

To use this build to its fullest potential you need to utilize the "block" that is from the Paladin tree. So in order to do this you will have to create a macro that will allow you to alternate from a Two- Hander to a Sword & Board setup.

NOTE! You can only swap weapons while in combat!

The loadequip is there so the macro reads what "equipment" set you want to equip! So in order to do this put on all the equipment/weapons you want for your loadequip.

So when you have your Two-Hander equipped type "/saveequip 1"

Then, you will equip a shield and One-Hander and type "/saveequip 2"

/loadequp 1 - Will be your Two-Hander stance.

/loadequip 2 - Will be for your Sword and Board stance.

Macro's: It's best to have Sweeping Strikes out of the macro! It should only be situational not spammable! But it is your choice! :)

AP Builder - Two-Hander/Burst Macro
#show Frost Strike
loadequip 1
cast Frenzied Strike
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Frost Strike
cast Thunder Strike
cast Stonespear
cast Flamespear

Finisher -
#show Earth Burst
cast Earth Burst
cast Storm Burst
cast Fiery Burst

Range -
#show Stonespear
cast Stonespear
cast Flamespear
cast Shield Throw - Can only use this while wielding a shield.

Now you want another AP macro but with a shield+1-hand weapon!
You will alternate between a Two-Hander and Sword & Board when ever you need the extra block/defense!

AP Builder - For Sword & Board(Defense/Block)
#show Frost Strike
loadequip 2
cast Frenzied Strike
cast Retaliation
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Aggressive Block
cast Sweeping Strike
cast Frost Strike
cast Thunder Strike
cast Flamespear
cast Stonespear

- Planar Blade
- Avatar of Water
- Slayers Bearing
- Aegis of Vitality
- Shield of the Hero


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