Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 32





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Published on Jun 28, 2010

Amy: Justin... I'm moving to California!):

Justin: What!!

Amy: my mom got a job being a manager for a HUGE Inc. company.

Justin: no! I dont want you to leave!

Amy: same here I want to stay here with you in ATL!! but lets not think about it...

Justin: okay lets just go to bed

Amy: okay, Gets under the covers with justin and falls asleep in his arms THE NEXT MORNING

Amy: rise and shine pop star! * messing with his hair *

Justin: * yawns * hello Beautiful! * smiles *

Amy: so what do you want for breakfast?

Justin: hmm? PANCAKES!!! :D

Amy: let me geuss... u want eggs and bacon with that too

Justin: you know me so well Amy

Amy: thats why you love me

Justin: no its not..

Amy: * stops smiling*

Justin: I love you because you beautiful, smart, and have a AMAZING personality

Amy: anything else? * smiles *

Justin: yes

Amy: what?

Justin: your a amazing kisser with the most amazing, no wait, dazzing dark brown eyes in the entire world

Amy: aww!

Justin: hehe u no u love me too(;

Amy: pfft yeah! Of course I do!

Justin: name 5 reasons u do then..

Amy: give me a challenge... number 1. you have the biggest brown eyes that I have ever seen.
Number 2. you have a smile that can stop the world from rotating around the solar system
Number 3. your voice is like a angel
Number 4. you have a amazing personality with amazing hair * giggles *
and last but not least Number 5. you are the best kisser in the world(:

Justin: (: I no I am

Amy: am what?

Justin: the BEST kisser in the world

Amy: good cuz its the truth

Justin: haha I have more than 1 talent

Amy: phhh what talent?

Justin: hmm singing, dancing, kissing, and probly giving you a biebergasm lol

Amy: uhh hu just keep telling u yourself that in your tiny little mind

Justin: well I will!

Amy: * gives him his breakfast *

Justin: thanks babe * kisses her cheek *

Amy: eww!

Justin: what!


Justin: shut up u no you love it

Amy: no I like ur minty fresh breath AFTER you brush your teeth WAYYY more!

Justin: what EVER you say * sarcastic *

Amy: well ill brb ima take a shower real quick

Justin: byee miss u!

Amy: u better * sticks her tongue out at him and goes upstairs *

30 min later

Amy: *walks down the stairs in a towel *


Justin: sexxyyyy

Amy: shut up bieber..

Justin: nevermind then

Amy: can u just get me a pair of basketball shorts and another t-shirt that ISNT white

Justin: fine! U girls and those white shirts

Amy: im sorry I dont really want you to be able to see my freakin bra!!

Justin: why? I wouldnt really mind much

Amy: perv

Justin: no just a teenage boy

Amy: uhh there the same * walks over to justin and takes the clothes from him * ill be back again ill just go and get dressed real quick * goes up stairs *

10 min later amy walks down stairs

Amy: hey biebs I have to go and start packing my room up to get ready and move):

Justin: *sad * okay byee * hugs her and gives her a small kiss *

Amy: byee love u! * walks out and goes home * hey mom hey dad!

Maria (amy's mom): hey honey hurry up and pack! We leave on saturday!


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