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Uploaded on Jan 31, 2012

Ace Combat series are well-known for their incredible music, even for those who do not play them or barely know what their about. Starting with Ace Combat 04, the music became somewhat a part of the game itself, building up atmosphere and providing a background for intense aerial battles.
For the final mission in said Ace Combat game, every music theme is so great that it deserves to be in this collection. The tracks are as following:

Mobius (0:06) - This is an exclusive hangar theme that plays before the final mission of the game. As you prepare yourselves with your newly formed Mobius squadron, you hear a rousing speech from the ISAF main general, saying that, despite many differences, everyone have the right to fly in the skies and your victory will bring about a new era. Listen to it well before you jump into your trusty F-22A Raptor. It makes you realize how important this mission is, it's the final phase of the war, one that will end it once and for all. I've made it a little extended, since the speech lasts longer than one playing of the track.

Rex Tremendae (2:11) - a short, but imposing choir piece almost straight out of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor, it plays as you get to see the Erusean superweapon, Megalith, in its terrifying glory. This is the thing you must destroy, and you'll need and epic music to drive you onward, so that's why we have...

Megalith -Agnus Dei- (2:39) - The core of this entry. A legendary song. Fantastic combination of orchestra, techno and flawless Latin chanting, first to ever grace an Ace Combat game. You and your wingmates face off against the last members of the Yellow squadron and proceed toward the Megalith, all the while your allies on the ground are attempting to make an opening for you. Also, the song has a deep religious symbolism. To put it simply, you are Mobius 1, the Grim Reaper, the Lamb of God and you have come to give your enemies final rest...
Just to drive the point home and add to the apocalyptic atmosphere, there's a freakin' asteroid shower in the background! If this song doesn't scream: "EPIC FINAL BATTLE!" then I don't know what does.
Eventually, you defeat the last members of the enemy team and destroy the three generators of the Megalith by flying through its tunnels, saving your allies from annihilation... then...

Heaven's Gate (9:45) - Now the only thing that stands between you and victory is a giant ICBM that you must destroy by flying into a tunnel with seemingly no way out, only hoping that your allies will provide an escape route... The intense drums, the somber trumpet, and a little peaceful melody in later part, being an arrangement of the game's first mission, "Sitting Duck", perfectly suits the situation. So you go in, destroy the missile, and...

Victory (12:19) - Megalith crumbles and you emerge safe and sound as it explodes, much to SkyEye and your friends' relief. There is no doubt in anyone's minds that you are a true hero. You have earned your rest, it's time to go home...

Yeah, I know. It's a lenghty description, but honestly. Megalith and Ace Combat 04 deserve every amount of praise they get. Mobius 1 is and always will be the greatest Ace in history.

Lyrics for Rex Tremendae and Megalith -Agnus Dei- (complete with English translations) are in the video.
Hangar video by SlyCooperFan1 (http://www.youtube.com/user/SlyCooper...)
The third screen is a creation of meganbednarz of deviantART.
Megalith gameplay by nemesis8722 (http://www.youtube.com/user/nemesis8722)

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/?p5r2zgsvlu...

Game: Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (Distant Thunder in Europe)
Platform: PS2
Songs: Mobius, Rex Tremendae, Megalith -Agnus Dei-, Heaven's Gate, Victory
Composers: Keiko Kobayashi, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Namco Hometek Choir

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