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Whale song serenade (soothing relaxing original music)

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Pubblicato il 31 ago 2008

The Whales are known to repeatedly produce sounds at variable frequencies. So that, this modulation of sounds is well known as the whale song. As a musician, I can say that these sounds seem to follow our musical scale very accurately.
Using sounds of blue whale, captured by advanced hydrophone, and wonderful underwater images filmed in Moorea island (French Polynesia), I had the opportunity to compose another original song around the amazing world of whales.
So, give power to your speakers and relax yourself.

A special thanks to Gael Laporte, which I met in Moorea two years ago, for giving me the opportunity to use his spectacular footage.
I want to thanks the NOAA Acoustic Monitoring Program ( ) for monitoring ocean noise and consequently giving people the possibility to listen to it.
The music "Whale song serenade" has been composed and played by me. (c) Floresound 2008.

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