Analysis of Apache Gunship killing Iraqis Ploughing a field





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Published on Aug 2, 2009

Video by Thunderf00t

The unedited guncamera footage is violent, graphic and widely available on youtube.

What this video shows is just how quickly the decision to kill three unarmed men plowing a field can be taken by the US military.

Under the circumstances it is difficult to imagine ANY country that would greet the US as liberators.

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Besides I have no idea of what you are talking about "race mix us out of existence"? America is a melting pot and all races are accepted, that is what freedom is all about. 
David Banik
LOL, they HAD WEAPONS. For you idiots that don't know.
Florid Monkey
David Banik
+David Banks And that first guy is throwing an RPG into the field.
john smith
shut up you damn Brit,  your just mad because your country has lost its former glory. no marker is made of cloth, and it is not springy it is a linen bag with something inside it. and he says "yes" to the question asked previously, "did they have a weapon in their hand." Not the question "is it in their hand"
john smith
and it is not a massacre, it is war, and war is not pretty. btw, the first time he fired, he did not there were no explosions, his range was off. In the actual video they take off running after the first rounds hit
And most damning of your flawed analysis, the man on the ground is clearly in front of tractor. At 7:58 he is forward of the front tire. At 8:05 you claim they kiss. At 8:09 the man on ground passes in front of the tractor. How does he move instantly from the tractor's right to the tractor's front? He doesn't. Your analysis is fatally flawed. You are wrong, Sir.
2:20 or the tractor exhaust is bent. Your analysis is flawed. The horizontal portion of of the cross hairs is even with the tops of the tractor tires at 8:05. 3:30 or the fabric is flapping I've been to Iraq. Spent four years there. I grew up in Colorado in a community surrounded by farms. I have never, EVER seen a farmer use marker poles. I have never seen a farmer use marker poles in Iraq. Why did he use a marker pole NOW after he has already plowed several furrows?
Dizzy Jones
Why did you cut the video as a moderator for a military website i have seen this video a thousand time's, when the guy gets off the tractor the man who ran over to him pulls out a ak 47 and engages the helicopter What do you have to say to that
Can you link to this video? Provide actual evidence please?
You know, just because you assert your bias opinion of a misguided interpretation of a video, doesn't make you correct. These were indeed insurgents and they were indeed heavily armed, and they were transporting and concealing weapons, using a farm machinery and trucks to gain access to a remote area. The Apache helicopters were vectored to the area only after ground surveillance resources had identified and confirmed the threat. They're not farmers. Who ploughs a field at 3:30 am?
mohammd omran
Barbaric kill civilian insent
It was Thunderfoot analyzing. I generally like his videos, but this one was bullshit and I told him. 
I commented on Thunderfoots channel that his analysis is complete BS and should admit his analysis was cherry picked at its best. He should have played the entire video and then everyone could decide for themselves. His analysis is complete spin. FOX news would be proud of the spin techniques, but not his beliefs on the war and God. 
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