A Harry Styles Love Story part 24





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Published on Sep 23, 2012

-Next Day
Simon: (calls zayn)
Zayn: hey simon
Simon: zayn i want u and they boys to do a signing
Zayn: cool what time
Simon: the signing is in 2 hours and a concert is after that
Zayn: great can my gf come
Simon: alright... but she has to sit on ur lap
Zayn: great!
Simon: yea bye (hangs up)
Zayn: hey babe we have a signing in 3 hours and ur coming is it ok if u sit on my lap
Sahar: yea its ok but are u sure ur comfortable... how long are the signings anyway
Zayn: they're about 2-3 hours and im fine with u on my lap unless u wanna bring a chair in case
Sahar: ill sit a lil then on a chair or just share the chair with u
Zayn: share with me
Sahar: awesome
Zayn: ill call the boys u can get ready
Sahar: ok
-2 Hours Later
Sahar: (wearing http://www.polyvore.com/sahar_kandi_s...)
Zayn: perfect ok i told the boys ill change (changes)
Sahar: nice grey suit were ready! is the limo here?
Zayn: uh huh lets go (holds her hand and opens door of limo for her then he sits and shuts it)
Sahar: do we go pick up the boys now
Zayn: yea
-1 hour later
Sahar: hey harry,liam,niall,louis, and demi
Zayn: where are eleanor and danielle and lucy
Louis: couldnt make it modeling
Liam: dancing
Harry: movie
Sahar: wow im now the only girlfriend with demi
Demi: its ok were together (smiles)
Sahar: i hope we dont get hate
Demi: we will but just dont listen
Sahar: ok ill try (sighs)
-At Signing
Zayn: (opens door)
Fans: (screaming ZAYN ZAYN)
Zayn: (brings sahar out and holds her hand outs her behind him)
Sahar: (Looks down)
Zayn: (turns to her) love its ok (pecks her lips)
Fans: (give hate words to her and throw things)
Fans: (shut up)
Niall: (comes out with demi)
Liam: (comes out with louis and harry)
Zayn: (goes to table and sits then scoots over and sahar sits)
Niall: (scoots on chair and demi sits)
Fan 1: omg thanks niall, i love u zayn, harry!!!!!, liam, LOUIS!!
Fan 2: thanks niall love u demi, sahar u dont deserve zayn i love u zayn, harry love u, and liam plus louis u rock!
Sahar: (frowns but keeps signing)
Zayn: (pecks her lips) its ok
Fan 3: (calls sahar and demi a lot of bad words and gives hate then leaves)
Zayn: lets just go
Sahar: its ok (keeps signing)
-3 hours later
Sahar: (crying) its ok lets go is it over?
Zayn: its over (yells at mean fans and gets back in limo with her and then boys plus demi)
-At Concert
Zayn: (onstage with the boys) ok everyone listen!!!! i dont want anyone giving hate to any of our gf's i love sahar niall loves demi liam loves danielle louis loves eleanor and harry loves lucy UNDERSTAND!!!
Fans: (nod heads) WERE SORRY
ZaynL thank u now lets bring onstage nialls gf and my gf Demi and Sahar
Fans: )scream)
Zayn: (holds sahars hand and brings her on stage while niall brings demi)
Sahar: (smiles) thanks everyone at the signing i was very upset but here u fans are amazing!!!!!!!! we love u!!!!
Demi: i feel the same way!!
-After Concert
(Sahar and Demi and the boys leave stage)
Zayn: are u ok (lifts sahar's chin up and looks into her eyes)
Sahar: im fine but the signing was horrible
Zayn: sorry love (kisses her and pulls away)
-At Home
Sahar: ok were home yay i love u zayn
Zayn: love u to
Sahar: (changes into http://www.polyvore.com/pajamas/set?i...)
Zayn: (sleeps next to her)
-With Niall and Demi
Demi: i love u niall
Niall: love u too (falls asleep next to her)
-With Harry and Lucy
Harry: ur adorable
Lucy: ur hot
Harry: i missed u at the signing and concert'
Lucy: sorry but my episode was cool (falls asleep in his arms)
-With Liam and Danielle
Liam: (watching movie with her )
Danielle; goodnight love (falls asleep with him)
-With Louis and Eleanor
Louis: (makes el laugh)
Eleanor: (laughing) ok ok stop lets fall asleep
Eleanor: (laughs) ok im done i love u (falls asleep and louis does too)
-Next Day

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