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Published on Feb 1, 2010

We mutually agreed to not make the music video for this song. I didn't like the song and patfan8326 didnt have the time to put into making a video for this (he'd have to replay the game...and Fallout is a longgg game). So here's the song, Enjoy!

And here are the lyrics:


The Wasteland leaves no room for easy survival
Were in a world in which the gun is the bible
Hanging onto my dignity
But it kills, to see lives torn apart
So I follow in his footsteps
And heres where my journey will start

I am the lone wanderer of Vault 101
Abandoned by my father Im the prodigal son
My plans done Ima take back this land from
The Super Mutants, mini-nukes Ill hand em
First place that I found
Was the Megaton town
Moriarty said GNR
Is where I was bound to go
You cant get around you know
Without the right tools
So I talked with some traders
And now I can fight fools
See theres never tight rules
Super Mutants know that
Raiders, Tablon Mercenaries
With their guns and bats
And the big ass Brutes carry
Their big ass gats
But none of this gets scary when
You got VATS!
Thats why ya gotta stay smart
Start stashing stimpaks
Buffout gets you jacked
But too much will drive you wack
And dont get overencumbered
Cuz youll be left in a sunder
And see the radiation here
Is much worse than a sunburn
Watch me whip out my gun, turn
And face the threat
See Im a champ wastelander
You can place a bet
That Ill set things straight
In the old D.C.
Its just how I get by
In fallout 3

The Wasteland leaves no room for easy survival
Were in a world in which the gun is the bible
In a land full of savages
But humanity manages
Gazing across the waste weve made
While thinking now all I have is this

Heres my story chronologically
Museum of technology
The Washington Monument
Super mutants cant follow me
And I think Ive had it
At Rivet City
Doctor Li, told me my father
Was not quitting
And so she asked I heard of the
Project Purity
At the Jefferson Memorial
Cuz thats where hes sure to be
But my dear dad was trapped
Back in Vault 112
And so I had to bring him back
From the virtual hell
And so we reinitiated
Project Puritys goal
But it was in those moments
That we lost all hope
The Enclave invaded
And they claimed their land
But my good ol dad
Would lay to waste their plans

He tried to barter with these men
And their demands
But their hostility
Deprived him of that chance
Still my father wouldnt bother
Relenting with the Enclave
He sacrificed himself to trap them all
And put them in their grave

Escaping through halls,
I butchered them all
If they stand in my path,
They shall fall
My life feels unreal
Dont know what to feel
When I found the
Brotherhood of Steel
I took up my armor
With the thought of my father
And that was when I left
To find the GECK,
All of my foes shall be slaughtered

Captivated at the Enclave
Raven Rock
Eden gives me FEV
And now Ive gotta save a lotta
Things on the planet
With my fathers old dream
Me and the Brotherhood
Plot to assault the scene
We team up around the Enclave
Theyre territorial
We got Liberty Prime,
So now its our memorial
But then we learned about
The damaged purifier device
Were standin on thin ice,
Time for sacrifice

I care about these people
I have much hope for them
Theyll learn to vanquish evil
This time is not the end
So I gotta choose now
Do I take the chance?
Complete what he began
At my own expense?
But its in my karma
And now I can see
That Im just another step
In the fallout legacy


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