Cramer Chronicles: Oops, She Did It Again, Part 2





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Published on Aug 12, 2012

At La Boulaie, Markko fiddled with a video camera and complained as a scantily dressed Langston prepared to "seduce" David on tape, live and in living color. When a towel-draped David approached, Langston forced Markko to hide in Dorian's closet and film from inside as she greeted David and turned on the forced charm. David was unnerved by Langston's vamping and shied away from her advances, and when his girlfriend got too close to Vickers, a heated Markko burst out of the closet and called a halt to the proceedings. David deduced that Langston had planned to frame him for adultery so Addie would divorce him, and admonished the young girl for her scheming while praising her Cramer loyalty. Infuriated, Langston and Markko fled, leaving David to clean up the mess Markko had made in the walk-in closet. But when David poked around in the closet, he found the drug "Rohypnol" in Dorian's medical bag, and began putting pieces of a puzzle together.

At Cramer Enterprises, Dorian chatted up her beautician while making Clint and Nora wait in the lobby outside her office. In the lobby, Nora tried to make awkward small talk, but Clint couldn't get past her public outing of Lindsay at Bo's wedding, and the humiliation it had caused his brother. Nora apologized but said that Bo had had a right to know, and that Clint still needed her help to unseat Dorian. Clint assented, and said that Addie and David's impulsive marriage was Dorian's Achilles heel. He instructed Nora to let him wind Dorian up about the "Cramer-Vickers" marriage while Nora ran interference by talking business. When Dorian finally admitted Clint and Nora to her office, the couple proceeded with their plan, with Clint needling Dorian endlessly about Addie and David's "love affair," making Dorian increasingly furious. Nora warned Dorian that they still had the possibility of being able to take her to criminal court for her acquisition of Cobb and Webster's stocks, and Dorian dared them to try to take her to trial. She threw Clint and Nora out, but not before Clint got in even more jibes about Dorian's need to host David and Addie's wedding reception. After they'd left, Dorian made plans to head home for the night, but asked her secretary to alert her when "he" arrived.

At John's apartment, the McBain brothers were treated to some surprise guests: Blair and baby Sam. Michael told Blair he did not support the adoption.

Michael left John and Blair to talk amongst themselves, and Blair vented about Todd's new involvement in the pregnancy debacle. John promised to be there for her, Starr, and Cole every step of the way.

At the courthouse, Starr, Marcie, and Judy Schulman-Brown confronted Cole, Todd, and Todd's lawyer, Morgan Guthrie. The teens remained at odds, and Todd warned Starr that Cole would not be signing over his paternal rights to his child, especially not to Marcie "the baby thief." Starr insisted that her mind was made up, and nothing could stop the adoption. The judge then ruled that any contract for closed adoption was non-binding while the baby remained in utero, and could not be entered into until the baby's birth, nor without the consent of the father. He added that any injunction by Cole or Todd to seize custody was also irrelevant until the birth, and that the only way an adoption could go through with Starr and Marcie was if, at that later date, Cole chose to sign away his parental rights.

At Llanfair, Tess sat in the kitchen with her vision of Nash, telling him how much she missed him. She was interrupted by the arrival of Jared and Natalie, and immediately asked them to stay and cook dinner with her so they could "re-bond." As Jared and Natalie began to work on cooking pesto risotto, Tess told them get more ingredients, Tess snuck away to the garage to tamper with Natalie's car brakes, using a pamphlet entitled "Brake Tampering For Dummies." Her machinations were interrupted, however, by the return of her hallucination of Nash, who guilt-tripped her about her plans to murder Natalie, warning her that "you can't come back from this." Tess clung to Nash, saying that Natalie and Jared took him from her and had to pay. Back in the kitchen, Jared told Natalie that "Jessica" was trying way too hard to make their new living arrangements work, but a happy Natalie embraced him and assured him that everything would be okay. Tess returned and began grinding her newfound "pine nuts" into the mixture of ingredients, saying that strangely enough, they were her favorite part of the recipe. Then, she faked hysterics, asking the lovers to go to the vineyard cottage for her and retrieve some of Nash's wine. As Natalie and Jared rushed off, Tess watched them go, waving goodbye with an evil smile on her face. (Soap Central summary) 2-4


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