Fun with Mario's Face

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2007/02/14 に公開

In this video I demonstrate what all I can do with the "wacky Mario face" code! Here's how you can make these insane Marios yourself...

Here's the main distorter code:
D033B1AC 0020
8133B1AC 0005
D033F1AC 0020
8133B1FA 01FE
A13255D7 0001

To change Mario's look, you can edit the last 2 characters of the last line, before the space. In this case, it says D7, which is the common distorted Mario face. You can edit D7 to whatever letters and numbers you want, and chances are, you will get a different Mario almost each time! However, some combinations will freeze the game, or, if you're using an emulator, cause unrecognized values to pop up. Try it, it rocks!!

Oh and by the way, you have to reset the game each time you make a change, or it won't show up.
Check this out guys, I've listed all the Marios and their values so you can play with the ones in the video (and more)!

E1: Evil Santa Claus Mario
E4: Minorly Distorted Normal Mario
C1: Big Chin Claus Mario
C4: Stretchy Silly Puddy Mario
B2: Stupid Mario
B9: Stoned Monkey Mario
A5: Backwards Chin Mario
FC: Chipmunk Mario (like High Mario)
5F: Snapping Hat Mario
98: Stoned Pizza Man Mario (Credit to FuncutProductions2)