2012.03.26 - CBS News - Obama Tells Russia He Needs 'Space,' Will Be More Flexible After...





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Published on Mar 26, 2012

Earlier today, Barack Hussein Obama tipped off the Russians that he'll have 'more flexibility' to betray America on missile defense 'after my election.'

He was caught on a hot mic admitting that he plans to do even more damage to America's missile defense systems, and that after the election, he'll have 'more flexibility' in engaging in such dastardly treason.

Beating Barack Hussein Obama this November is far and away the most important electoral issue in the history of America, now that he has proven our deepest fears about him weren't extreme enough to match up to his deviously evil plans to betray and destroy America.

This is one of the most explosive 'hot mic' episodes in American history. Please do what you must to ensure this story/video goes viral; this impacts the future of our nation, and our very lives!

Some will claim that 'Obama didn't say that, exactly,' but it doesn't take a genius to read between the lines. Barack was telling the Russians to give him some space, because after the election, he'll make it up to them. And if the Russians are asking us to scale back, limit, or constrain our missile defense system, and then a Democrat agrees to be 'flexible' after an election, there's only one thing that a reasonable, honest person can glean from such an exchange: Obama is planning to commit treason YET AGAIN, and this time, he was caught promising just that, on a hot mic.

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frank marshal davis was a member of the communist party USA,they want our country to be destroyed the illuminati can not usher in their NWO, no,they have to do it with one of the oldest tricks in the book communism, and marxism,once you understand the marxist theory of economy and inflation, youll realize, there will be no middle class,but only the ruling class. watch joel gilberts "dreams from my real father" 
this video is a clear depiction of the new movie "olympis has fallen" if you havent seen the movie go see it, you will know exactly what im talking about. 3 white house take over movies this year and the Wizard of Oz movie, the Oz movie was not supposed to be successful at the box office. the communist party USA supports obama, and his daddy was frank marsha davis a well known communist tracked by the FBI cause of his anti American ideology. we are seeing dreams of his real father today
ui. Comedy, Quatsch, Vlogs & mehr!
you are funny.
Why is this being ignored by the American people? Can't they see what this means? Don't Americans stay informed at all. ROMNEY 2012 for the USA's future!
Just goes to show you who the real super power is...Don Putin.... 
Joseph Alvarado
If Obama gets a 2nd term, He'll be known as the Democratic Bush by 2016. NOBAMA 2012
ben outlaw
Either you’re not claiming to be smarter than I am, in which case I should not listen to you, since there’s no point in changing my mind to agree with someone who is no smarter than I am, or you are claiming to be smarter than I am, in which case I should not listen to you, since on principle I shouldn’t listen to someone who is so exceedingly conceited and cruel as to claim to be smarter than other people.
ben outlaw
I don't believe you. Even if what you said was true, actions only beget actions by other countries. Seeing that the US gets involved in some country's affairs every year, it only makes sense that another country would get a little pissed off. Also, i highly doubt that Russia is looking to start a nuclear war with the US. Stop watching fox news and believing all of that neo con bullshit. We do everything other countries do and more. 
adolf smitler
someone is confident in winning the election ¬_¬
ben outlaw
missile defenses? Defense from what? We aren't in the fucking Cold War anymore caveman.
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