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Published on May 1, 2010

A misogynist little ditty ,that could've only been written by an expatriate that lived too long in Orstralia.
From Speddings 1977 solo album.
Not directly one of his best tracks,still....he shows The Mulry Gang ,how to fill up this vehicle with some gas,attitude & humour .
Bytheway...the reason for the low resolution cars in this vid,is because they where enlarged 32 × 32 animated mouse pointers.
Jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
Mmmm, jump in my car, it's too far to walk on your own
No thank you si-ir
Ah, c'mon now, I'm a trustworthy guy
No thank you si-ir
Oh little girl I wouldn't tell you no lie
I know your ga-ame
How can you say that, we only just met
You're all the sa-ame
OOOOHh, she's got me there, but I'll get her yet
I got you the-re
No you didn't, I was catchin' my breath
And look it's startin' to rain and baby you'll catch your death
Well, I don't kno-w
Ah, come on now it costs nothin' to try
And you'll arrive home nice and dry

Mmmm, jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
Come on jump in my car, it's too far to walk on your own
J- jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
Come on jump in my car, it's too far to walk on your own
Maybe I wi-ill
Ah, that's better now, your talkin' sense
You best keep still
Well, if you like I'll just put up a fence
No need to get smart
Well alright we'll soon be on our way
We better start
What for?
Because it's such a long way
Why, where d'you live?
I live down south, it's roughly eighty-four miles
Hey slow down, you must be jokin' babe behind that cute smile
Oh, no I'm no-ot
Well, if you're not there's only one thing to say
And what's that?
Get out the car, get on your wayyyyy

Gèèèt out of my car
But you just said that you'd ta-ake me home
Well, it's too far
But there's no way that I can make it alone
Couldn't care less
Maybe I could see you next week
You sure look a mess
Well look who's talkin', you've got no right to speak

Get out of my car
You told me that you were a really nice guy
Well I aint....WHELL ?
Gèèèt out of my car
Get out of my car

You heard what I said.


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