How to Simulate the Universe on your Laptop





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Published on Sep 1, 2012

AfterEffects Tutorial on how to Simulate the Universe: http://dft.ba/-3v1X
Millennium Simulation - http://dft.ba/-3v12
Also, explore a map of the big bang! http://www.bigbangregistry.com

MinutePhysics is on Google+ - http://bit.ly/qzEwc6
And facebook - http://facebook.com/minutephysics
And twitter - @minutephysics

Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute!

Music by Jake Chudnow

Thanks to Nima Doroud for contributions and to Perimeter Institute for support.
http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca Created by Henry Reich

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But can It run Crysis?
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Aaron Huang
VintageLJ nothing can
Angry Komala
VintageLJ HA
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"Simple! I began with a real image of the universe about 13.7 BILLION years ago..." Simple.
credit goes to NASA et al.
+samthemagicianman well yes if we go google 'cosmic backround radiation' It would be right there.
Yal Rathol
the millennium run looks eerily similar to brain neurons...
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Minecraft Mike
Alan Ball
Good catch, they are similar structures. It's not entirely a coincidence, and it's similar to a mathematical structure called a voronoi foam. It happens in places where things attract other things. For example a neuron being in a place, increases the likelihood that other neurons are going to want to be there. They end up bunching together in big blobs, and those blobs are connected by strands of neurons who can't decide between the two. In the same way, gravity's attraction creates similar looking shapes. It really makes you wonder where else you might find it.
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Sandusky Daycare
"So, how did I simulate the universe on my laptop? Simple." yeah sure ok
Super Nofa
+tsutl84 I would also like to mention that this doesn't mean that people that call everything simple are by default geniuses. Also everything is simple as soon as you understand it. Not everyone can remember how difficult it was when they were still learning about it. 
Geniuses tend to think everything is simple.  Sadly stupid people like me have no hope of understanding.
All I need to do is look up "a tree" on google images to find the universe on any device, you never specified how much of the universe!
t = 0 or.... did you mean 5,391 * 10^(-44)  ?!??! :(
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Zimri Leisher
+Asmodean_ lol :D don't get kicked out of asm though
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I'm not clicking that link at the end... I'll get stuck in the loop again O.o
Don't forget to put Proffesor Fartsparkles back in his Time Nap.
Patrick Kilduff
But were was the bearded man in the 'sky' that made it all??? hahaha
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Will Engelmann
+Teal Star "don't know what he looks like" "bears form of man"
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And I am just sitting here trying to make a simple sand particle simulator in C++; This kind of shit is though.
... or just get Universe Sandbox! ;)
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