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Uploaded on Jun 21, 2008

This is our first real video log, not counting our Tag video. This is the first time in all of our movies that we are at Maggie's house. We finally meet Maggie's Dachshund, Lacey! :)

The song at the beginning part is "Un Monde Parfait" by Ilona Mitrecy. The song in the background near the middle of the video is "What Goes Around.../...Comes Around Interlude" by Justin Timberlake.

These are the rules of how to play Slamwich, or at least how Emmy and Maggie play Slamwich. (We change a few things to make it more fun.)

1. Shuffle and deal out the cards so each player has the same number of cards.

2. Place your cards face down so no one (including yourself) can see them. Don't look at the sandwich side of the cards.

3. Go around in a circle, taking turns flipping your top card and tossing it in the center pile. Don't look at your card before it is in the pile; that would give you an unfair advantage.

4. Slap the pile if you see:
- a Double Decker, which would be two of the same cards in a row. For exmaple, two lettuce cards in a row would make a Double Decker.
- Slamwich, which is two of the same cards, with a different card in the middle. For example, lettuce - tomato - lettuce all in a row would be a Slamwich.
- a thief card. They're easy to recognize; they have the "Batman masks," as Emmy likes to call them.

5. The first player to slap a Sandwich, Double Decker, or Thief gets to keep all of the cards in the middle pile. The directions in the box say that you have to say, "Stop thief!" before the other player while you slap your hand down, and that if you forget to say, "Stop thief!" the other player gets the whole pile, but we base it off whoever puts their hand down first. Also, we say what we put down, just for fun, such as "tomato!" or "cheese!", but you don't have to.

6. When you win a pile, put them face down to the bottom of your pile. Then you start new round by flipping the top card from your pile into the middle. Keep playing how you did earlier.

7. Muncher cards are quite annoying, unless you're the person who put it down. Muncher cards are the cards showing a person eating a sandwich, and have a number on one of the top corners. The person after you has to put down the number of cards that corresponds to the number at the top of the Muncher card. For example, if the Muncher card has a 2 in the top corner, the next player would have to put the next 2 cards from the top of his/her pile. Then, the "Muncher" (the person who put down the Muncher card) takes all of the cards in the middle pile unless:
- a thief is put down, in which case the pile is fair game and the first person to slap the pile and say, "Stop thief!" gets the pile
- there is a Slamwich or Double Decker. The first person to slap the pile gets to keep all of the cards in the pile. Two #3 Munchers in a row would still be considered a Double Decker, and Two #3 Munchers separated by a different card (such as bacon) would still be considered a Slamwich. The same thing applies with all of the other Muncher cards, however a #3 Muncher followed by a #1 Muncher would NOT be considered a Double Decker, for obvious reasons.
- another Muncher card is put down. If this happens, the next person has to put down that number of cards (on the most recent Muncher card).

8. If you make a mistake and slap the deck when there isn't a Slamwich, Double Decker, or Thief card in the middle pile, you lost a card. Take the top card from your pile and place it face up at the bottom of the middle pile. The next player continues the game.

9. You're out of the game when you run out of cards. The last person to have all of the cards is the winner.

Wow, if you managed to read all of these directions, CONGRATULATIONS!! :)

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