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Published on May 5, 2011

We're making a movie! Help make it happen here: http://wongfuproductions.com/movie

BEHIND THE SCENES & OUTTAKES: http://wongfuproductions.com/2011/05/...

Written, Directed, Produced by Wong Fu Productions
Special thanks Chris Dinh
VisualFX and animation by Kenson Lee

Freddie Wong http://youtube.com/freddiew
Wesley Chan
Nathan Moore http://youtube.com/nathanmoore904
Ryan Higa http://youtube.com/nigahiga
DeStorm http://youtube.com/destorm
Brandon Laatsch

Original music by George Shaw
David Choi http://youtube.com/davidchoimusic

Watch the "kung fu" movie Freddie and Wes were watching "Greenside":

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Comments • 27,191

Ryan higa has looked the same for like 6 years now
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The Pinguin
Kat LOLOLOLOL ryahn higa, since 2008
Spark1383 He still looks the same since 2008. 😂
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Hanu Siddhanth
It's hard to believe this kind of QUALITY VIDEOS were made back in 2011 whereas now-a-days videos with NO SENSE are getting viral .... THIS IS GOLDEN YOUTUBE :'D 
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Cheeseboss Finch
lol, kinder egg unboxings... my intuition is tingling... Off to fame and fortune it is.
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Mansha Kalra
I honestly lost it when ryan crashed in!! HAHAHA
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Nathaniel Wong
Corbomite 66
Ike same
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Jonathan Lin
So basically...... Black man in alley >>>>> Asian who knows Kung-Fu >>>>>>> White Mugger
View all 8 replies
What the fuck is wrong with you all ?
Jonathan Lin Racist white police officer >>>> black man in alley
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John Doe
What Asians can do: 1. Math 2. Piano 3. Kung fu (I have known Asians who can do those things best out of all my friends, hilarious) ALSO... 4. Computer editing 5. Cooking 6. Video games 7. Dragon Ball trivia
View all 28 replies
Josiah Klein
I'm part Russian, although not by that much, and I can do martial arts, math, science, history, video games, certain topics for trivia, violin and I'm learning piano. I'm mostly self-taught in my skills for these areas, although I have had help from YouTube and some in-person teachers. (I only took Brazillian Jujitsu for a few weeks, but I almost got my yellow belt before I ran out of funds. Hawaiian Kajukenbo was rather difficult, and I was only in the class as a white belt, but before I ran out of funding for that as well, it formed a basis for my understanding of martial arts and combat.)
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Alfa Rydester
This got a million times better when Ryan walked in.
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Dumb animations
Alfa Rydester higa yeah
The Non-PC Gamer
Hell yeah
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Buzz Zu
died at "goku-san" XDDDDD
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Buzz Zu
+Michael Xu You can find me on a ton of youtube videos lol
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The black stereotype is so true, I'm a 6'3 black freshman and people assume I'm some mean dude walking around trying to get into a fight and when they meet me they will literally agree with everything i say and if i don't like what they're saying i just got to give a loud "WHAT YOU SAY BOY!!" and people will shutup or walk away. IT'S AMAZING!!!
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Nils Moberg
Lmao wow
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What disturbed me is that he didn't take the wallet on the ground..
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+Stephen Justinen Ohhh, what you did there...I see it.
Denzel Nanor
+Stephen Justinen And thus a legend was born a legend named.... Rocket Racoon
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Then a Filipino passed by and says I know boxing... XD
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Nice reference
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