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Published on Aug 1, 2012

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Dry lightning cracks across the skies
Those storm clouds gather in her eyes
Her daddy was a mean old mister
Mama was an angel in the ground
The weather man called for a twister
She prayed blow it down

There's not enough rain in Oklahoma
To wash the sins out of that house
There's not enough wind in Oklahoma
To rip the nails out of the past

Shatter every window 'til it's all blown away,
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
'Til there's nothing left standing, nothing left of yesterday
Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away,
Blown away

Comments • 17,247

robert gardell
Without trying to do that.  Carrie showed with this video, the effects on children, when they have parents that drink. People that drink, don't realize it effects everybody around them.
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robert gardell
My dad, drank a can of beer, every time, he came from work. Until one day, he said that was it. Never drank after that. And someone asked what made you stop. My will power made me stop. You can everything under the sun to stop. But, if you don't have the will power to stop. You aren't going to stop. It is that simple. You aren't stop, unless you want to stop.
Bo Gaunt
robert gardell I am a alcoholic drink everyday n pray everyday I can stop
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Christopher Morris
dad pours whiskey into coffee Daddy was a mean old mister, Mama was an angel in the ground. There's not enough rain in Oklahoma, to wash the sins out of that house, there's not enough wind in Oklahoma, to rip the nails out of past. THATS DEEP
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Jayna P
Carrie is a deep rainbow. She is literally a deep rainbow...OMG...Carrie is no joke..A deep rainbow...Carrie is amazing.
logang for life
Reilly's Life me to I use to be so scared that my mom would become a acaholic
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This video and song could have been a huge enough for it to have more than 100 million views. It's beautiful, haunting, radio friendly, and fun to listen to. If only Carrie was promoted more outside of country music since her songs are much more appealing to a variety of people. This could have been a huge crossover hit like Before He Cheats!
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robert gardell
It doesn't bother Carrie, one way or other. I believe her "Blown Away" tour took care of the promoting the album. Plus, if you notice, Carrie rarely promotes albums. She doesn't want go outside of country music. If her songs crossover they do on their own. Just like "Something In The Water", it crossover into the Cristian chart.
Taylor Kinard
JoannaRice. Shes probably alot better than you dont be hattin
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Senador rob
Sings about alcoholic father, conquers a mental obstacle, emotions are everywhere, tornado rips through house killing alcoholic fath- OH HEY A PUPPY
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Mark S
Alicia Davis and I will send
Landrew0 that's bullshit. Wishing nature to wipe everything clean would certainly include dad getting knocked off. She wants it done in a way that her hands don't get dirty
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"Hey! I'm your father young lady!" "YOU'RE NOT MY DAD!" Sorry
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Mark S
I am looking for a place to stay in
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Weird Potato
I'm blown away about how good this song is
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Micah Rump
Brooke Foster
me to
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Bailey Stephens
Anyone else notice that the Wizard of Oz was playing on the television in the living room scene?
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XxGamerGirlxX M Did you see the legs sticking out from under the house?
XxGamerGirlxX M
Did you notice the yellow bricks when she was running to the house? And the dog in the end could have been todo (Did I spell that right?)
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George Austin Tay
This song was everywhere when I visited America in the summer of 2013 and I have so many amazing memories with it
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Mickey Evans
Danielle Finn
George Austin Tay
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Mandy Diec
whos watching this in 2017
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Linda Hensley
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Sarafina Donald
Oh damn, she let him die....Hey you go girl. "Sometimes there just arent enough rocks."
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