Pokemon Blue - Misty Challenge - Part 13: Sabrina And Koga





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Published on May 16, 2012

Part 13 in my Misty Challenge for Pokemon Blue.

Sabrina isn't that hard to be honest. Gyarados has the special to soak up Kadabra/Alakazam hits, whilst having the attack to dish out some nice damage against their weak defense. Mr. Mime gets trolled by Horsea. Reduce his accuracy and finish off with Bubble lol. Good to see the AI getting owned by reduced accuracy for a change.

After all these years I STILL think Venomoth is Bug/Flying. But no. He's Bug/Poison. Earthquake bait.

I find Koga more annoying to be honest. Well, the trainers that accompany him anyway. Drowzee/Hypno may not have the best special stat, but they can take a few hits. I find them more annoying than Kadabra/Alakazam for this reason.

Staryu finally evolves into Starmie. I wanted to learn Recover first. I honestly thought it was a lot earlier, but I've never used Starmie before. I always used Lapras because STAB boosted Ice, and being bulky seemed to be more useful for the E4 to me.

Koga goes on about inflicting status problems, whereas it is me inflicting them on him. Paralysis/Sleep whatever, stuffs him up and gives my Poliwhirl room to react, and keeps him from using that annoying Selfdestruct.

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