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Published on Jul 4, 2012

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What happens when two of the most popular and iconic superheroes of all time go head-to-head in the ultimate superhero showdown? You get one of the most heated Fanboy Faceoff battles to date. The results of this week's Faceoff between Spider-Man and Batman are in and it definitely lived up to the promise of being one of the most exciting Fanboy Faceoff's yet.

With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man this week, Spider-Man was definitely on the minds of a lot of you. Our friendly neighborhood web-crawler garnered a ton of votes and many of you thought that the simple fact that Spider-Man possessed superpowers would be enough to take down the Dark Knight. The combination of web-shooters and enhance abilities like strength, speed and agility would ultimately just be too much for Batman to take.

On the other hand, lots of Batman fans out there thought what Batman lacked in superpowers he more than made up for in fighting skills and good old fashioned detective work. AsiANCombonation13 said, "Batman might not have super powers but he has good reflexes and has the gadgets to take down Spidey." While GrievousFett suggested, "Batman could use his detective skills to find Peter Parker and find out all of his weaknesses and use it against him, making Spider-Man an all too easy opponent."

Though Batman's detective skills are second to none, there's one particular skill Spider-Man possesses that many of you thought would make Batman's detective skills a non-issue. That skill of course is, Spider-Sense. lilcholoadventues brought up that exact point revealing, "Batman is cool and all but u can't forget that Spider-Man has Spidey Sense so when Batman tries anything out Spidey will already know and beat him." @monsterblackxx thought the same thing saying, "Spider-Man would beat Bat. He is ultimately stronger, faster, more agile, and they are equally as smart. Spidey-Sense nuff said."

Another point some pro-Batman fans brought up was the fact that Batman was able to defeat Superman at one point, so taking down Spider-Man would be easy in comparison. But Darman678 thought this argument bared no weight stating, "The Man of Steel has a pretty clear weakness to exploit. Spider-Man has no one weakness in particular. Batman has no superpowers and Spidey is so much faster and able to know where Batman is going before he moves."

Another factor that many of you thought would give Batman an edge over Spider-Man was his arsenal of gadgets. @Charleyboy115 commented, "Batman would win because his technology would be able to neutralize all of Spider-Man's abilities." While aknig01 countered by saying, "All of Batman's gadgets would be ineffective with Spider-Man's speed and Spider Sense plus Spider-Man can easily punch through Batman's armor."

So with each side countering each other's arguments, it was definitely a tough decision on which superhero would come out on top in this week's Faceoff. So much so that we once again have come down to a tie. With each hero bringing in fifty percent of the votes, it looks like the winner of this faceoff will ultimately have to be decided at the box office. So which hero do you think we'll reign supreme? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tell us which Faceoff you'd like to see next week. Until then, I'm Tatiana Carrier, thanks!

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I can't believe this is even a debate. In a death match, Batman would have to make sure Spiderman doesn't even touch him (which would be extremely difficult) because if he lands one punch, Batman is dead or at least in critical condition. Another thing to consider is that Spiderman is used to fighting a man armed with many gadgets and weapons. 
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Khari Derrick
+Puppygamers This is a quote taken directly from marvel.com "His spider-sense provides an early warning detection system linked with his superhuman kinesthetics, enabling him the ability to evade most any injury, provided he doesn't cognitively override the autonomic reflexes."  See. It is always working and always providing radar protection. It is so sensitive sometimes, he senses the smallest things and doesn't even know what they are. Automatic Reflexes. That means it happens without him thinking. So he can't override it. Its like blinking. It happens all the time, without you thinking about, and if you try really hard, you can make yourself stop, but eventually it has to happen again. 
Khari Derrick
+Puppygamers What the heck are you talking about. I don't care what you searched up. I have read comics. I have shown you pictures of comics where Spider-Man talks about using the Spider Sense.  http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11111/111115653/3222368-4519970280-feat3.jpg Read the text on the picture above. It is always working even if he mind is a million miles away. Even if he is thinking about something totally different, the Spider Sense is always working. He can't not listen to it http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/3/30145/3974904-spider-sense.jpeg Its not something he can listen to or not listen to. The sense is linked with his reflexes. Reflexes are involuntary. He can't control it. His body moves him away from danger. If he tries hard, he can mentally override it, but why would he do that? He can't just ignore it. 
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Rise Kujikawa
batfans dont know how powerful spidey-sense is...
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Rise Kujikawa
+zach kelly you must be a very good archaeologist to reply a year later
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Sulma Chirinos
In death battle Spider-Man killed batman
Saurabh Kanhere
superman killed goku twice, thats more than accurate. lol butthurt dbz fans in every video
Jacob Ronaldo
not really accurate they made superman kill goku
Doctor Life MD
It's funny that all of you think that Spider-Man is in his prime here. He isn't. When not in his prime, Spider-Man's Spider-Sense only lets him react to incoming threats, not predict them and even if he was in his prime, Batman would always come up with another tactic. He's a genius, not a rookie. In all the comics and animated series, Batman has fought super-powered villains and... he lives on. Spider-Man cannot deflect bullets or knives heading right at him. His muscles aren't even close to being dense enough to do that and if any of you think he's in Superman's league, think again. Spider-Man can be killed by an insecticide, ffs, and Batman surely keeps a pellet or two in his utility belt. Also, anything that can jam his Spider-Sense can mean an easy victory for Bruce Wayne, because Spidey relies on his sense too much and sometimes he isn't even fast enough to react to danger. He's also very indecisive. Batman should've taken this with his intellect, martial arts prowess and technological arsenal in a belt.
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deep sea siren
Doctor Life MD he can hold ships together and falling buildings
deep sea siren
Doctor Life MD when in a fight with flash he predicted when and where he was going to punch and that he was going to punch him
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Jonathan Iboa
STFU! Spiderman will just win all of you bat fans could all suck spidey's dick
pewdiepie peediepew
Jonathan Iboa that's funny, batmans fans can get beat up by spider man I'll laugh if that happens😂
Gustav Ramirez
I am a huge Batman fan, but I must admit that the Caped Crusader would be outmatched in this encounter. 
Yousuf Khan
In a sword fight, I'd love to see Batman fight Aragorn
Speaking Bands
A draw Spider-Man would kick batmans sorry ass
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Reinhard Nathanael Waras
Batmab can
Junliang Lee
Spiderman can kick people ass
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The Batman fanobys ignorance saves them again.
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Domestegg AKA RunEdgE
+Kitty Kat Batman
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a tie are you fucking kidding me ? batmans just a regular guy hes not super he'd lose agaisnt spiderman,hed put up a good fight but ultimately he'd lose too spiderman.
+Marshall F Batman is definitely going to make spiderman work for it no question ultimately .Spidey is faster  more agile and he's stronger the guy can lift 10 tons batman can't do that .spidey can throw a car at batman .or use his web shooters to wrap batman up .that webbing is pretty strong stuff .batman would probably have to take a sample of it home with him back to his lab .Also spiderman could really let batman have it .remember he has to pull his punches in a real fight with a normal person so he doesnt kill them . Its just a bit lop sided of a fight it would be a good one to watch but my money would be on ol spidey all the way 
Marshall F
@JAY OH I agree but with no prep time for batman this isn't going to be a competition batman would get lucky if he even were to touch Spider-Man spidey would drop batmans ass
Spidey fans: Spider sense,Fast reflexes, Speed Batman fans ( the most of them ) : BATMAN! -_-
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Super Gamer
+BoomSonicSuper Yeah Batman fans treat him like a God.
+Thug Life Super Gamer Yeah. "Batman has higher IQ" fuck no. Spidey has built a fucking TIME MACHINE +Batman Fan Page How about that?
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