Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix - Sora vs Roxas and Sephiroth




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Published on Sep 13, 2007

Well I always found Roxas like Sephiroth only less killingish if that makes sense. Anyway I thought this would be a nice video to upload being nobody has done this (From what i've searched) I used a music mod and fight hack (Or mod whatever you wish to call it). I also bought a new game controller which makes things hell for me as i'm not used to it and I don't know if its me but sometimes it delays when I play using the controller being slow commands and such etc. It's also wireless but it was extremely cheap from where I got it from. :) Also I haven't been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix for a couple of weeks go easy on me I know people can do alot better than this and I plan to re-visit this and try again probably do much better. Anyway enjoy the vid.

Difficulty (With my new controller at least.): 4/5

Difficulty (With my old controller): 3/5

If people like these hacked videos i'm willing to make them just send me a message i'm only asking to not bombard me with messages.

Edit: Because this video HAS gotten popular let me say a few things:

1. This is Kingdom Hearts 2 FINAL MIX. Search for it on google for what it is.

2. I hate this video but i'm happy people enjoy it. I dislike it cause I wasn't used to hacked fights at the time and I sort of sucked.

3. Roxas/Sephiroths HP is low because of Disney Castle. During battles (depending on the battle) their HP will be full more or less.

4. *Outdated*

5. Please keep negative comments/stupid questions to yourself i'm tired of questions like "HOW COME SEPHIROTH HAS LOW HP" or some stupid crap like that.

6. You can view my channel for more hacked gameplays/gameplays like this. I take requests as well! But don't expect me to do them.

7. This is a HACKED fight. I used codebreaker to do this fight. You can use the codes I use by going here: *Link outdated, you will have to look them up for yourself*

8. Enjoy.


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